The most amazing things in life are free

  1. Beautiful views
  2. Interesting conversation with people
  3. The sun
  4. A walk in the real forest
  5. Swimming in the sea
  6. Running and exersizing, yoga, meditation
  7. Laughing, smiling
  8. Building a snow man and playing with friends or family with snow balls
  9. Getting some vitamin D at the sun
  10. And how much it cost to be nice?

47 thoughts on “The most amazing things in life are free

  1. Agreed.
    Material possessions are great, but happiness doesn’t come from the items we own. It comes from a warm hug or your dog’s cuddle! It shows up on a sunny day or seeing your best friend walk down the aisle. Happiness comes as a result of appreciating smaller things in life instead of crying for bigger things in order to gain happiness.
    “If money could buy us happiness then some of the richest people on earth would be more than one million times more happier”

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  2. essere carino, cioè essere gentile, cortese ed educato con gli altri non costa nulla. un sorriso e un saluto non costano nulla e tutte queste cose insieme creano un grande rapporto tra le persone. buona domenica.

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  3. You are so right Ilona!! The best things around are free but people don’t see them, too many are looking for things that cost a lot of money thinking that is where they find happiness, but the best are free and can truly make a person happy. Sitting beside a lake in summer, listening to the birds singing, going for a walk with someone special, petting a deer, having a chipmunk sit on my shoulder, kindness, love. This is a great post Ilona!!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!!😁🌞😄💛🌴

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    1. Because we are get use to have sun, water, rain, nature, we dont enjoy anymore, which we should, because is so beautiful and natural and cost nothing, i dont know, i someone can dont like to walk in the forest or to watch a beautiful view of nature, or even to get some sun burns😁well, at least some vitamin D, i always loved nature and water, remember the white bunches? I could sit there all day and keep watching, because never enough:)

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      1. Yes, most people have lost the ability to enjoy all that nature can provide us. 😃Sitting on a bench looking out across the sea is absolutely amazing and something else that I miss!!!😁 It’s even worth the sun burns?😂Nature is something I have always loved as well and I always feel so good when with nature like that. I’m sure you have some beautiful natural areas around there! Enjoy your day Ilona!!!😁😄🌞💛🌴

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  4. Yes By God all the most
    Amazing Food and Stuff
    And Love is Free in Life
    ever get
    at the Casino
    out of the Fountain
    at the Hard Rock Cafe
    Casino if you have one there
    too like Biloxi Mississippi
    sure there is always
    Free Food
    at the
    Grocery Store
    too and unlimited
    Amounts of Free Fountain
    Ice Cold Drinking Water after
    i sweat an Ocean Whole
    on the Best Slick Dance
    Floors in the Middle
    Dance Floor Aisle
    of Super
    hehe created
    especially for me by
    Sam Walton so i would
    have the Best Dance Floors
    to Dance in Every City i travel to now..
    True i am not only the REAL Peter Pan i am ‘Freddy Free Loader’ too..
    but true for those Mean Spirited Christian Folks who are always telling
    Jesus Homeless Folks to Just Pull up their Boot Straps with Soul Sucking
    Invisible Mental Illness Functional Disabilities And Ripping the Families
    of Small Brown Families apart who look Just like the real original Coke
    Jesus actually illiterate Aramaic named then with Strong Armed Legal
    Tactics without now Without Common Basic Human Empathy And
    Compassion today Yes Sun Day in the United States They ALL Should
    Remember if they REALLY REALLY REALLY BELIEVE now at least that Jesus
    Emptied his Pockets and Lived off of the Kindness of others when all he had
    to Give share and
    Need was is the
    Same Powerful
    Force Love
    John Lennon
    Said before he
    he was shot Dead as he
    Readily admitted then that
    he did John 14:12 in Greater
    Works than Jesus by being more
    Popular in the 1960’s ‘Yesterday’ then ‘the Beatles’
    Yes Truly All Greater Free Things in Life Spring NoW
    From the Beyond iNFiNiTY Force Power oF Unconditional
    Love When Fearless When We Do it with the Least harm to/for others
    now just in River Flow Bliss and Nirvana Eternally Now Within Yes
    to Give
    and Share NoW to:
    ALL As That my FRiEnD From:
    NoW STiLL IS A Place of Heaven
    Within inside outside above all around
    so below always in this Generation Now at Hand…
    That/This MeSSaGE is True in Light Does Not matter
    AT ALL Who in God’s World ActuAlly Writes Dances Sings This MeSSaGE
    oR Then
    Truth in Light
    LiveS on carried by
    Myths too Housed as
    Such in Vehicles and
    Vessels that Last All Ages Now..:)

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  5. This year I am amazed at the beauty of the evening sky at my home in Moscow. And my husband says that such a sky has always been, just you rarely looked out the window and did not pay attention to him. It turns out you just have to look around and pay attention to the world. Thanks for this thought.


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