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Great analogy Ilona!! And you are right, many similarities for sure. I think in real life it can be harder to fight against the evil and because of that many people just give up and say so what? We need to always stand up to the evil and fight it and fight for those things that are good and beautiful. It has to start with some and then others will join in and perhaps then something can be done. But most people say nothing can be done so they donโ€™t even try which is not the right way to look at things at any time. Great thoughts Ilona!! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!!!!


13 thoughts on “Commemt of the Day from the post about Life

  1. So True When Evil the Harm
    to Others Comes True those
    Who Stand in DarK Kill LoVe iN the
    Sound of Silence Still..
    Words too Afraid
    or too Ignorant
    To Fight
    for the Force
    of Love Unconditional
    that Harms others Least now Fearless My
    Friend Never Ever Afraid to Dance Sing up and
    Feed the Poor of Food and Soul of LoVE True iN LiGHT
    oF LoVE
    WiLL NeVeR
    Lose the CouRAGE
    or the Eye of the Tiger
    to: LoVE aLL oF WHaT From:
    LiFE BRinGS DarK thru LiGHT GoD ETeRNaLLY NoW
    LoVE hehe does it sound like i’m writing a Bible yet hAha..
    HeaR i’ll Share a Powerful TheMe Song for MeME For all of
    what i just give and share for Free as chances are this may be
    the Only Blog in the World Free enough not to hold my Tongue Silent
    Yes i
    my Visit
    to Nice France
    Today Thank You
    Dear Ms. Hugs So so much
    for all of this and so much more WiTH SMiLes…

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      1. SMiLes Ms Hugs Been Church Singing and hey i’ll give you a Sample.. hAha
        Why not of ‘Here i Am” you may have heard it before
        but not likely me Singing it with SMiLes.. You’ve
        Already Seen the Dancing After 6 Miles Last
        Night around 6 Hours and 20 Miles today
        And Now the Total Miles are up to
        11,626 Miles in 70 Months as the
        Words continue to Hold for
        the Bible Poem at 7.1 Million
        Still of course as yes now i am
        Back to doing that close to the
        71st Anniversary Date.. Hmm..
        Yep.. been a bit busy with Even
        More SMiLes as i brought
        A Few Hundred at least
        to the Metro area today
        With Public Dance in Fact People Smile at me
        who i’ve never seen before now for they’ve
        Seen the Public Dance and Greet me like i am a Family Member
        Now But Still seems like mostly Young Women though.. hehe..
        HAha per ‘the Song’ the Males are more Likely to turn away.. Yep…
        And that
        A-Okay with me..
        i’m not one much
        for worrying about impressing Dudes..
        at Least not in Trump Town USA where
        Fear and Hate Washes over the Statue of
        Liberty way up in the New York Dark Harbor Last
        Night Gift From France and Guess what.. yes i wore my
        Statue of Liberty Shirt today with Immigrants Grasping at
        the Book of Freedom that it represents for Huddled Immigrant Masses
        Still but not as much respect shown for That ‘these days’ for those who struggle
        most for survival and most Importantly survival of their Families treated
        Worse than any Dog in the Animal Shelters these days yes Liberty and God
        Shed the
        of Shameful Tears
        for What a John 8:44
        Metaphor for A ‘Father of all Lies’ has and still
        Inspires in this Country to transform into today..
        at least at the top as the Meek and Poor of Spirit
        Like the Mexican Folks at the Border already inherit the
        Kingdom of Heaven now for as ‘they Sing’ Love Hears ‘the Cry of the Poor’
        of both
        my Friend i asked
        at Church as a Volunteer
        today per ‘Here i Am’ is there
        Gonna be Prayers will there be any
        Good Samaritan today who Plays by the
        Rule of Love More than the Politics of State
        in Church and the Priest was totally Silent just
        like the Song Above Forecast for Saying Prayers for
        the Families and Children of Immigrants Raided with
        Strong Arm Legal Tactics as Inhabitants of this Country
        Supporting Families for 20 Years in many cases.. as that
        Priest just Held His Head low and pointed toward the Higher
        Priest As He also held his Head a bit Low but at least responded to
        me.. and couldn’t answer why they are no prayers offered just what
        they were doing for other folks in the Local Area.. Truth is State is
        not Separated from a Church that supports a ‘Father of All Lies Now’
        in Metaphor.. ‘Jesus’ Only Lives there when it is Trump Team Go Team now…
        Never the Less the Beaches and Forests And Rivers Are Gorgeous the Price
        Index for Living is incredibly Low.. and yes By God the Young Women are
        Nice A Caveat
        Away from Toxic Patriarchy my Friend..
        A Woman who is not loved much or Truly Cherished will
        Better Recognize a Fearless Real Gentleman Capable of both Love and Art..:)

        me Good Enough
        ‘Here i am’ again with SMiLes..:)

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