About copying Others (still enjoying my break)😂🤣

About Copying Others

I think many of us, especially women, get this question from friends or people we know: I really like your shoes, where did you buy them? Or the same thing with a dress, troussers or even a coffee cup. And in a few days you see that person is wearing the same clothes. Copying dressing is not a bad thing, but the same clothes can look different on other people. Before we buy clothes we should find out our body type and to answer a few questions. Questions that I am asking myself before I buy it.

1. Do I want to feel comfortable?

2. Which body parts would I like to hide and which ones would I like to pop out?

3. Does it match with my body type?

4. Am I able to use it together with other clothes from my closet?

5. Shall I just leave because I don’t really need it?😂🤣

Clothes that you wear should make you feel comfortable and even happy, if after a few days you regret it, than don’t even buy, especially if you bought it just because it looks good on someone you know.

Now it comes to copying personality, you know that good friend of yours? The same joke can sound differently from others and it makes you wonder why no one laughs when you said it?

Back to Instagram, oh look, Laura went to Starbucks and posted smiling pictures, so you run to the same place and post similar pictures, hoping to get the same amount of likes and comments. But the thing is, Laura is being who she is and you are trying to be her. It doesn’t work this way. Maybe if you would try to be yourself things would change in a positive way for you. We shouldn’t copy others because we think that they are more cool and better than us. I gave just a simple example, but we can move to the office where there is this cool guy. Everyone seems to like him, but no one is noticing me. He just got sick and he won’t be back until next Tuesday so you are trying to take his place. You are trying to be funny, talkative, you even brought coffee for everyone, but you don’t get the same reaction. And I know why, because he is not trying to be someone else or to be funny, it’s just the way he is and people like it, he might have people who hate him as well, but you barely notice them, because you are to busy trying to be the same. You won’t be the same and don’t even waste your time. Try to be you, the best you can, and you will get your own circle. You will find people who will like you and you won’t need to pretend. You cant lie to yourself all your life and to pretend to be someone else. I used to copy outfits until I understood that it is better to develop my own style even if the dinner dress doesn’t match with sport shoes. But I found my own circle who don’t judge me for that, I have a friend who still tells me that pineapple doesn’t go on pizza. I hate heels, they are not comfy. Yes, it looks good when women dress in heels, but I think we all choose what is best for us. If you like pineapple on your pizza go with it. There are people who think that those sport shoes look really cool with my dress😁😂you know how I know? They started to do the same😁😂


62 thoughts on “About copying Others (still enjoying my break)😂🤣

  1. we have our own style and it can take a long time before we find what type/style of clothes we feel comfortable wearing. clothes should look good on a person and they should be comfortable. to many times i see women wearing something that does not look good and wonder if they truly looked in the mirror before leaving the house. just because something is in style, does not mean you have the body to wear it.

    good post!!!

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  2. Amazing post and I agree with you so much. We tend to copy so much that we lose our own uniqueness. If we try to be ourselves, we will be more happy and that is the key. I had done the same in the past, trying to dress like someone who I thought was cool or tried to behave like someone else but that was a fail because I wasn’t happy. It’s just cool to be ourselves! Sports shoes go well with your dress Ilona. You look amazing! ❤️

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    1. Hello Ramyany, thank you for sharing your experience, you are so right🙂🤗thank you for your words🤗, means a lot to me, specialy, i know you busy, i appreciate your time❤


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      2. Thank you for the reply, ilona madam 😀 This WordPress world is truly beautiful. I found many great people like you here 🙂 Your reader community, as a whole, is very positive and friendly. I guess the good people have good followers!! Keep it up. Stay positive and stay awesome!

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  4. Indeed something to think about.
    Nature has given a unique identity to all of us. When we try to copy someone else we are going against nature- our true self. Every living thing produced by nature is unique. We all are unique in ourselves and have our character and qualities, but we don’t even try to look for them. Instead, we try to follow and initiate someone else, and in turn, we slowly kill our original self. In a situation to become someone else most of the time, we lose our identity permanently. Our individuality is expressed more through a various combination of choices than particular possessions.

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  5. Good morning ilona. In my mind style is personal, fashion is popular. I have found that people with style or panache can wear out of fashion clothes and look great. It has to do with choice and message. I wear what I like, and I look great. Cheers ilona, it’s very good. And I’ll add that I ask myself the same questions when I shop for clothes.


  6. Hey ilona! Another great post from you.✨✍️ Why people copy others from the clothes to the places and social media? People are so interested in others and the kind of excitement and a fullfilling feeling they get in copying others, we know they are just wasting their time. But for them this is an excitement, They are jealous and they get nothing! People fall for excitement and as you said in the end. We easily get to know that if we are doing a good Job, Because that will be copied by others. Because they dont use their own brain 😉✨ Wish you great week ahead ✨

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  7. Indeed something to think about.
Nature has given a unique identity to all of us. When we try to copy someone else we are going against nature- our true self. Every living thing produced by nature is unique. We all are unique in ourselves and have our character and qualities, but we don’t even try to look for them. Instead, we try to follow and initiate someone else, and in turn, we slowly kill our original self. In a situation to become someone else most of the time, we lose our identity permanently. Our individuality is expressed more through a various combination of choices than particular possessions.


  8. this is a very important message here, a problem we face in daily basis , jealousy and envy that leads to copying and imitating, I don’t mind seeing some beautiful shirt and wanted to have something similar, but I try it and if it’s not good on me, I don’t buy it, so simple…
    people find it hard to realize that we are unique as fingerprints, they waste their time with envy and jealousy, it’s really sad and lead only to a fake life! Here it’s a disaster, most women look alike because they made the same face surgery and breast surgery (Botox and don’t know what else) I know people are free but it’s silly when you’re already beautiful and you want your nose as someone you saw, and you lips as bigger as some celebrity :/ I feel sad for them to be honest…I’m not against doing some improvements if you lack self-confidence and your nose for an example is so big or so…whatever you feel it’s not good in your appearance, but to become an obsession? so sad really
    I prefer people spend their money on a psychologist so they learn how to accept and love their selves just the way they are and then they will not copy anyone or feel jealous from anyone…They will love themselves and live happy 🙂 This is how I see it of course

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    1. Well said Huguette ✨ Just like fingerprints everyone is unique on their own way. But no idea why people love to copy others and do unnecessary body modifications. We are humans and we are unique, like fingerprints. People are trying to fake a life that they don’t fit into .

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  9. I am for my style in everything. Sometimes the taste can let you down and you won’t be able to make your “Look” perfect. It is necessary to listen to the opinions of others and do what is best for you. Moreover, it concerns not only clothes.


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