A walk with this kind Of view, had wonderful weekend


26 thoughts on “A walk with this kind Of view, had wonderful weekend

  1. Lovely Photos of the French Riviera Glad
    you finally took a Vacation from so much
    Fire online Creating Blog Posts so you don’t
    get Burnt out ha ha guess i could practice what
    i preach too with just 3 Hours of Sleep Again going
    Full Steam too yeah this is Sunday 3:33 PM 7.14.19 in Nice
    France hAha.. guess you cut Your Vacation From Blogging
    one Day short.. hmm.. your Time Stamp is way off on Your Blog HAha
    that’s okay
    it’s easy enough
    to add 7 Hours wHere
    i am From on the ‘Red Neck’
    Riviera the Emerald Gulf Coast of Florida..
    The State Shaped Like a Gun Named the Flower
    State hehe sure Guns and Roses as i am Loaded in
    the Barrel of the Panhandle of the Flower State Gun
    Spreading A Rampage Spree of Steps of Public Dance
    and Words Even More than the Dance Audience ever sees..
    anyway i figured you would be on Fire on Fire on Fire Creating
    Again after a Break you and me share this common Trait hAha..
    imagine what would happen if i took a Four Day Break the World would Catch on
    Fire too
    sure the
    Dance and
    Song World
    When i come back too.. again..;)

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      1. Hmm.. As You Ask Ms. Hugs About Goals About Blogging
        Now that i’ve long Been Financially Independent
        Since Age 47 and ReTired moving through Illness
        in Literal Hell Within for 66 Months coming back
        to Heaven still Within on the 6th Year Anniversary Date of that on 7.19.19
        the Day After 7.18.18.. 71st Month Anniversary of 7.1 MiLLioN Word Longest
        Long Form Poem in Epic Size full of Free Streaming ‘Concrete Shapes’ that are not
        Pre Planned With Constructs of Thinking so Much as it most all comes in Creative Holy
        Spirit Full of Meaning and Purpose FLoW as Heaven’s Fumes Left of What i Co-Create
        With all that is that is All God Within Us Now Set So Free.. but You See Being Financially Independent Removes so Much Worry for Life no Longer
        Jockeying for Position to get Ahead at Work and all the Stuff that
        Still comes with A Rat Race Of Living now that really goes no
        where much but base Survival of Life without much
        Wide Awake Spiritual Enlightenment to come
        as that takes enormous Instances of Life
        to Practice the Art of HeART Spirit Now Free…
        Yes in Soul Flow through Activities Like Free
        Dance And Song that Do Just That and More
        so much in increases of Human Creativity and
        Productivity my Friend.. Smiles when i started i surely
        couldn’t imagine That Eventually coming or the Public Dance
        Legend as Assessed by the General Public.. what i do totally understand is
        that excess Fame and Fortune means nothing to the Love Core of Life for me
        NoW.. i really had no idea i was exceeding the other Record Longest Long Form
        Poem the Mahābhārata Until i almost accomplished that Featnote and Milestone
        at 1.82 MiLLioN Word as far as all words counted precisely by the Word Press
        Automated Counter in July of 2017.. Now that Subtitle Longest Epic Long Form
        Poem of 7.1 Million Word “SonG oF mY SoUL’ Poem Named “Nether Land
        Bible 2017″ Measures 4,385,177 Words in just 37 Months.. but again
        not unlike the 11,626 Miles of Public Dance in 70 Months
        If one Works Really Hard Focusing on Just Dance And
        Song.. Human Potential Grows and Grows and
        Grows some more.. smiles my Friend
        for me at least the Goal is usually
        Not any intent at the Beginning of What
        i EvenTuAlly” come to Co-Create as a Featnote
        And Milestone of Dance And SonG NoW.. And
        Again since Money And Serving any Employer
        as little Slave is no Longer Part of my Life my
        Potential at last is unlimited i’ll see what Goal
        comes next when it gets good and ready to Come Free NoW..:)


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