Forward, forward, forward

In general we always have this bad habit to watch behind us, what we missed , what we did wrong etc.. but i think we should always watch forward, to give our best in the present and build a great future instead of regretting things. What has been done can’t be undone, only what you doing now and what your will do tomorrow morning matters . Its the only way to progress, to achieve your goals, reach your dreams. Enough wasting time get your ass out of the sofa and moveπŸ˜πŸ’š


35 thoughts on “Forward, forward, forward

  1. Very true Ilona!! We shouldn’t be spending so much time looking back, that’s right. Doing what we need to now and planning for the future is what will help us move along. Enough sitting around, we need to get moving and get things done. Great advice there Ilona!! Hope you have a great night!!πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸŒ™πŸ’›

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  2. “Enough wasting time get your ass out of the sofa and move”
    SMiLes Ms. Hugs my Wife’s Sentiments exactly too when
    i extend my Writing Spree to 100K Words or so a Month
    what she names sitting on my Ass doing nothing
    Behind this Box.. yes she is an Angel Perfect
    In A Bikini Real no doubt about that got
    the proof that spells all of her
    Pudding in Aqua Blue
    on The Featured
    Photos of
    my Facebook
    Personal Page too..
    Different Strokes for Different
    Folks Poetry doesn’t enthuse
    my Wife Neither Does writing
    Bibles she’d rather read the old
    Version the Tradition the Hell with
    my NeWeR AGE 7 Million Word Personal
    Version doesn’t matter that neither one makes
    any sense to her the Older one is Spoon-Fed First
    Like Her TV on Her Easy Chair while i sit behind the
    Box of this 27.1 Inch all in one iMac Desktop Flat Screen
    And Dance these Keys as the Song they come to be with
    Holy Creative Spirit behind every word i create.. in flow..
    never knowing only feeling and sensing the Song as it
    comes now from a Dance of my Fingers in Symphony
    of all 10 Orchestra Fingers Naturally Eternally at Play..
    smiles some folks might call this Song Pretentious
    but there is no Make Believe about A Holy
    Creative Spirit when it comes out all
    Natural from our Soul to Hold Hands
    Souls of others depending on if
    they reach out and return
    the Hands we give..
    forwarding Love
    with No Reward/Award
    Perhaps A Sacrifice seen
    to some yes a Gift to others
    who stream tears of ecstasy both
    within inside outside above so below
    and all around When Dancing And Singing
    Forwarding Love and Understanding from Dark
    thru Light for Free SMiLes mY FriEnd THeRe are
    those like my Wife who are ‘Perfectly’ Angelically
    Happy with Divine Fertility Gaps and Perfect Butts
    who watch TV Interacting With Laughs and other all
    other Vicarious Emotions from the Ease of their comfort
    Chair and as i tell my Wife “little one Life is not fair’ you
    Will eat chips all day and your Butt Still Looks Perfect as
    you bend over to pick up some grapes on A Beach
    of Forest White Quartz Crystal Sands where we
    Live in Paradise Florida Panhandle
    Beach and River Forest Flowers..
    true not every one gets to
    LiVE iN Paradise WHere
    i LiVE NoW too.. will
    i blame folks
    who live
    in Deserts
    and have
    Mechanical cognition
    Jobs night and day for getting
    a bit grumpy as that environment
    Brings Scars to their Souls so much
    how i will i for that part in Paradise i
    experienced too Desert and Plentiful
    Clear Springs Water or not.. smiles my
    Friend if tell my Wife to get her butt off
    her Recliner Chair while she is watching
    TV she will tell me to kiss her butt and yes indeed
    NoW aS
    i say
    you wish will
    be my next command..
    i’m just a Genie and she is Queen..
    meanwhile i Dance and Sing Free and
    she laughs at all the Sit-coms to her HeaVeN’s deLight..
    and now that cute Yellow boy is gone she is the star of
    the Bible Blog Show..
    i do my SiGNaTuRE
    Pose as just another
    Way of Yoga and attaining
    Bliss and Nirvana Forevermore now..
    smiles my Friend she is still Eve and
    i will never get out of this Dirt of ADam.. hehe..
    the ‘Voices Carry’ Song makes more sense with the
    Rest of the story but hAha.. this is long enough now i’m sure for here hehe..;)

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