Simple Psychology

The secret is simple: if you focus on you, you grow 🌱 But if you focus on shit – shit grows 💩 So, you choose👍 One of my friends posted it on instagram, i asked if i can share it here because it is so true😁


52 thoughts on “Simple Psychology

  1. Hey Ilona! So short and Deep. Thanks to your friend and you. Such an important message. When You focus on You, You become you and grow wid u. But what is happening? Distractions… There are lot of distractions.. People envy others, greedy with fame and money, their ego.. all these are taking them to shit. And shit grows 😂. Out of distraction when people start chasing good and start to love,respect,and focus on themself They ✨GROW ✨ what we chose is we become. Choose wisely 😉👍

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    1. I m so happy, that you liked it, and even wrote a comment, really made my day, great comment, its our choice what we want to grow, hehe, i hope you are having a great weekend, here is fathers day tomorrow so getting reading to surprise my dad 🙂 when is fathers days at your places?

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  2. A short and sweet message.
    A lot of people chase after many things in life such as money, careers, prestige, and fame. But all of them are in search of the same thing: happiness. If you see everything in a positive light, you may find more reasons to be happy and smiling all day. But if all you see is anger and hatred, the more you will be buried by misery.
    The things you focus on in life determine where you will go, and while it’s quite a task to ignore the ‘shit’, sometimes we even have something to learn from it!

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    1. Yes dont need to write a book to explain it, i like to go directly😁thank you Saania for reading, i’m so happy to see you here, thank you for your meaningful comment, means the world to me, it is so good to log in and to see so many wonderful comments, hugs sweetheart have a nice weekend :)❤️


  3. Yes, Law of Attraction! What you think is what you get…. Positive attitude helps to keep us stay focused on efforts and worry less 🙂
    Hey, if I may ask, what’s your Instagram? I think your blog will get lots of followers more if you can promote your blog with your Instagram too! I am darshd555 on Instagram, just in case, you’d like to check out!

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    1. Exactly Darsh, oh my instagram is empty, i dont have time, but if you want here ilonalife27 maybe one i will have time and i will log in again hehe😁i dont really care about promotion or to make my blog more famous or something, i’m doing it for fun when i have time, i have few goals about blogging i hope i will make it until the end of year😁

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      1. You are such a selfless person if you are doing it for fun!
        Now that is one of the reasons why your blogs are so good! You do them for fun and not for fame or advertising money.
        I just sent you a follow request. You were right, it’s empty but I hope you consider posting nature photos there or some travel photos too!


  4. “The secret is simple: if you focus on you, you grow 🌱
    But if you focus on shit – shit grows 💩 So, you choose”
    Smiles my Friend it is worth noting that Light comes from Dark
    and Shit in the Wild at Least is a most excellent Fertilizer for Green
    Stuff to
    out of
    what is
    recycled for
    Plant food As Such..
    of course that brings
    Food For us to eat too
    but of course Cow Manure
    is more acceptable than Human
    Stuff just Yuck.. hmm.. smiles my
    Friend many folks name the President
    of the United States these days a Big Orange
    Turd.. yet it is other wise true too.. perhaps if
    he was nurtured more with Love the Need to Lie
    to cover up a space inside would not come to Grow
    so Dark Brown now too.. His Fertilizer now only really
    inspires fear and hate and particularly for those now who
    look and act different than other folks do.. smiles my Friend
    we live in a World now of Disposable Human Beings when they
    become annoying we can just turn a switch off on a Computer Screen
    and our problems that are now Humans go away like a Car Repair finished
    never to look back on now.. thing is while this is easy and tempting to do this
    the Muscle
    of Love
    Weak the
    ability to
    diffuse conflict
    becomes gone.. and
    we became weak of Love’s Hope
    with Compassion And Servants of Fear
    and Hate instead and next thing you know this
    ‘Shit’ is a Love Story of Human who no longer Breathes…
    there is a greater Fire the Fire of Understanding Differences
    and why some folks haven’t been fertilized with the same stuff
    others have.. no doubt some folks don’t get much fertilizer at
    all and that can come in droughts of fertilizer too as we all
    Toy Soldiers
    addicted away from Love….
    i’m not sure which theme Song
    i wanna go with for this but it’s
    seems like a barely breathing story today to me..:)


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