Fame, Money, Drugs, Death

Everybody dreamed once to be famous, to be a famous singer, actor or professional sport player. It probably very fun and amazing to be reach and famous but at what cost. Of course we can’t generalize but we have tone of bad exemple how bad it can turn. Once people have everything what they want, everything is tasteless so they try to find new sensation with drugs or other things. Most of celebrity get divorce soon or later, fell in addiction, have completly unstable kids and family. Well some doing well of course but its far to be the majority i believe. So yes being famous might be very nice but if it cost your life at the end i prefere a peacefull nice healthy life.


63 thoughts on “Fame, Money, Drugs, Death

  1. Great post Ilona! You are right, the majority do fall into this category and end up with so many serious problems affecting not only themselves, but their families as you said. So many turn to drugs and destroy themselves because of it. I really don’t want to be in that rich and famous group. Better to be satisfied with what we have and who we are. Nothing wrong with working to improve our lives, but we do need to be careful at the same time. Have a wonderful evening Ilona!!😁😸🌙

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  2. Hi Ilona, this is the sad reality. Money can’t buy everything. Also, it is our human natute to look and ask for more. It’s hard for people to stop and be happy and contented. And in this process we forget the thing that is most important to us – our life, health and family. We got distracted and totally got lost. Fame, Money and Drugs have one thing in common they are all addicting. Human beings are the most vulnerable species when it comes to addiction. Once you tasted these things, and you enjoyed them in no time you will not notice you are digging your own grave.

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    1. Hey hey hey, yes, but some of them die not because of overdose, but they kill themselves in other way, mostly hang themselves with a rope.. WHY.. how you can dont have even one thru friend..DUNNO..

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  3. I have a bit of experience living in the public eye through my own work… I have always questioned why people would want fame, even to me at my levels it’s exhausting; the people that approach you are more then often pleasant enough, they want to talk about the work you have done, and the way it impacted their lives… The issue I find is that I am expected to be on show the moment I leave my home. I could have my screaming 1 year old in my arms and people still expect me to be Mr Happy… Though I am more then happy to help out and give them a experience that means something to them, they will often overlook the situation I am currently in to entertain them…
    Though I fully understand that’s the nature of my work, and I truly love the support I receive, that’s just an issue that I have encountered.

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  4. Yes that’s true Ilona but the percentage is 3 out of every 10 go haywire, what happens when you get famous for being a celebrity for sports, music, films what ever takes you to the top, your in the eyes of the media and the public 24 – 7 so what every you do every knows, I’ve coached a couple of young guys when they were younger that have made it to the highest level of AFL and they understand now every movement has to done right in the eyes of the public.. Another great article Ilona well written on a subject that is world wide and every kids dreams at some time of they’re lives.

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  5. That’s because those celebrities are always like a majority of people. There are bad examples because they wanted to have power but never took responsibility. Remember in Spider-Man movie there is amazing lesson: with great power comes great responsibility. I don’t feel sorry for them, for those like Heath Ledger is Cobain. They are freaking weak and they weren’t able to take responsibility for what they have got. Instead to feel sorry for them and making them idols we should show our kids that’s what they shouldn’t do in their life. Never. And point to those who have great success, who are happy, healthy and really amazing famous people. 🌟🌟🌟

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  6. Fame is driven by ego. Famous people cannot self-actualize and find their truest potential. They’re dissatisfied so they sink deep into addictions and other self-destructive behaviors. This is why you won’t see monks on TV (or its super rare). The wisest people are living in caves away from civilization, and who can blame them? How can anyone really work on themselves when they are constantly bombarded by the media and the illusion that fame is what we want? These are my thoughts 🙌

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  7. Hey Ilona! A great post again with a deep message. People get fame money and everything and then what really is happening? their greedy habbit to be happy is taking a wrong turn. Not everyone. U said it right! but majority, agreed. Power, money, fame is often being misused and if this is what a power does to a human, who needs such power, money and fame? A satisfied and healthy life is better than over wealthy life.
    No idea who said this, but said good

    “The real measure of your wealth is how much YOU’D be worth if you lost all your money” Stay Happy✨✍️ Stay Positive✨

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    1. Good afternoon Simon, i’m shocked how many people suicide by choice, not even drug overdose, but hanging themselves and no drugs or alcohol founded in the body, dont hey have who took talk with? young famous rich, beautiful talented..


      1. Did you read Robin Williams suicide story. He is a great comedian and he jumped to suicide at 63, He had fame, money, lovely wife. There is always something behind the page we are looking at.

        Thanks for your time Ilona ✍️

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  8. I believe it’s about our priorities, what do we want and what are we willing to sacrifice…some people want fame and the sacrifice the simplicity and peace of mind…others don’t care, many want the fame and all its results, they don’t mind this life…it’s always about our priorities in life! Because nowadays divorce is not only among celebrities, we have here huge percentage of divorces, cheating among normal couples, regular people, you must know what you want whether you were famous or not, and decide what you are willing to sacrifice to have the life you want…

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    1. Many people are lost those days, but we dont know about them because they are not famous, many people think if they would be famous ir rich the life would be better, but how can they know? Maybe would be worst, we have bunch of examples, many beautiful, young talented people kill themselves not only drug overdose, but many times it happens by the own choice, they hang themselves on the rope, no drugs or alcohol founded in the body, i dont know, they have everything, why cant they get help or someone to talk about problems, they decide to leave instead..

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      1. Yes because we always want we don’t have, we don’t focus on what we have…and when we have it, we want more and we discover we’re not happy as we thought we would be if we’re famous or rich so they take their lives because they have no purpose…and unfortunately most of them don’t show any signs and don’t seek professional help as well


  9. Very true.
    “Once people have everything they want, everything is tasteless so they try to find a new sensation”. This is a fact that is unfortunately part of our human nature. We start something, we build on it, we keep doing it until it slowly becomes repetitive and tedious. We’ll keep wanting more than what we have already achieved and as you rightly said, for celebrities, the easiest way to break new grounds, often tends be having wrong addictions to live a more pleasurable, interesting life. However, it is so much better to live a life living the way we are, the way we are born and the calibre we fit into-doing what we can do with the resources we have. There’s also a bitter truth that money can’t buy you happiness, and that is so well understood when we look at even the wealthiest of people, the most famous, and popular, where behind all the cameras is a life that we would actually never like to have (not always the case, but true for some). Drugs, addictions, fame, and money are things that start to take vicious control over us once one starts consuming them. But very soon the most important things in life- kids, family, friends, relatives will all suffer because of it.
    Thank- you for sharing!

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  10. Starlord: A Dance-off to Save A UniVerse oF LoVE…
    Spider-Man (Dead Pool): Like Foot Loose?
    Starlord: Yaasss… Precisely.

    SMiLes.. a Price of what Society calls fame
    is being Owned by others for a Price Tag that is
    Very High.. at least when Money is the Goal instead
    of Just inspiring others Free.. What a Beautiful World it will
    be if Love is the only Currency the Pay Rate and Pay Grade For Free..
    Smiles my Friend
    in a World like
    that i will spend
    my life just Dancing Steps
    And Singing Words of Poetry
    Free Verse in all i do.. matter of
    Feeling Sensing i do.. the Words are way too long
    now Overall 7 Million Words of them in one Bible Poem
    doing that for 70 Months now but 11,433 Miles of Dance
    In Public for 70 Months in the most Conservative Area still
    Assessed as Closed Minded in the United States is an entirely
    different Dance Hall ‘Foot Loose’ All Together per See and Do
    hehe.. but the FAcT Remains Dance is the oldest Human Language
    and Non-Verbal Language is still a Dance We are Evolved to Communicate
    the most from Head to toe.. when Folks no longer move connect and co-create
    they stagnate and Rot from Top of the Mind and Body Soul Balance to the Bottom
    and up to top again.. they just Rot and age so Fast.. ugh.. ending up in Walmart Carts
    to drive them even more to Fill up their Double Car Garages with stuff they’ll never
    use for they
    An Art of a
    Free Dance And
    Song To Give and
    Share for Free with each
    other as our Ancestors so-called
    Primitive ones did mostly naked around
    a Campfire Full Moon Bright night where
    Even New Moon Nights are lit up by the eternal
    internal Now Nirvana Bliss of A Mostly Naked Dance Around
    a Camp Fire Free.. smiles my Friend i literally became Famous
    because i literally became Human again the way we are originally
    Evolved to be out of rules out of guidelines out of lines that move all the
    way across the page out of someone else’s Martial Arts Class out of someone
    else’s Ballet Class Just Free to Be in Grace as Friend With Gravity both in Golden
    Spiral Finger Prints and Foot Prints too as Waves becomes the Shores of Seas Ocean
    Whole Water No Difference God we all are to be as Nature same no Difference now to
    Be now too.. smiles my Friend it doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist To become Human
    Just a Free Dance and Song Moving connecting co-creating where not even a stitch
    of Cultural Clothing is required all Free.. we have devolved into something different
    than Human we have devolved into Money.. Where Houses Become God and Cars
    Become Lovers Where what we do may no longer be connected to our Humanity
    at all..
    as we
    Robots and
    Machines Pressing
    Buttons for Fats and
    Sugars Likes and Follows
    Shares and Links to look
    Away without even a flesh and
    blood smile now to hug and hold
    hands together to do anything at all
    in life.. the fact that i am the most recognized
    so-called Famous (Legend) Person in my Metro
    Area as assessed by the General Watching Video Voyeuring
    Audience as i record their Behavior as a Participant Observer
    Anthropologist in my Record Book that is Bible Poem too.. the
    illness is clear in a Society when someone becomes Famous for Dancing
    just having fun just re-Creating their Soul as a free Meditative Moving Dance
    is assessed by Science as literally A Fountain of Youth that will most definitely
    keep a Human Younger and more vital from head to toe.. in Mind and Body Spirit
    Soul HeART Balance.. yes.. the fact that someone could become famous for just
    being in Heaven the way our ancestors always did it together just proves
    how sick the red state area i live in is.. no one should become famous
    for living a life of Dance this was the way of our ancestors we have
    and now
    we are
    i am not…
    hehe the Crazy
    one but true Dancing
    everywhere is truly considered
    technically abnormal and part of the
    reason the Government Pays me additional
    Money for being Famous.. isn’t it ironic that
    Happy is considered a Disease isn’t ironic where
    a Society sees a Way of Life as Dance as a symptom
    of illness.. are humans Smart NOPE Ignorant True they are….
    of what we
    even are…
    my Friend
    i am Famous
    just Famous for being Human
    what price to die living my Friend…..
    the amazing thing really is that i convinced
    all those Store Managers to let me be Human
    in ‘Foot Loose Town’.. but you know what things have
    changed in the last 70 Months it used to be that the Dance
    Hall was Dead of Young People at 11 PM on a Thursday Night..
    Now my Friend the Dance Hall is Full off mini-me’s hehe as
    are starting to rule..
    all it will take is enough
    people to become open hearted
    to vote Trump out of Florida to perhaps
    change the course of History for the Whole
    World Never dismiss the Force of Dance hehe..
    only if ‘Hulk’ Learned to Dance Free he too would be Happy too..
    i may look
    serious when i
    Dance But ifly oh so high within
    to Heavenscape beyond infinity now…
    smiles my Friend Just more evidence
    for the record of my ‘disease’…
    JusT ANoTHeR
    to iFLy over
    A FucKinG
    (iF YoU SeeK iN God) Cuckoo’s Nest..;)

    “Starlord: A Dance-off to Save A UniVerse oF LoVE…
    Spider-Man (Dead Pool): Like Foot Loose?
    Starlord: Yaasss… Precisely.”

    Note: i Paraphrased that…
    i don’t do original Quotes they bore me to living.. hAha


  11. This is right in line with 1 Timothy 6:10 which says, “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of injurious things, and by reaching out for this love some have been led astray from the faith and have stabbed themselves all over with many pains.” I don’t believe God created us to handle fame.

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  12. You can lose your life whether famous or not. Addiction has no boundaries – it consumes the rich, poor, famous or unknown. The key is to find happiness in being you (without drugs).


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