Sings a women who Got Bunch of itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Maybe she just understood?😁😁


20 thoughts on “Sings a women who Got Bunch of itπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  1. Hehe.. i did the Research
    Net worth in 2018.. 8 Million
    Dollars with inspirations to reach
    15 Million Dollars in 2019 This Year
    no less.. thing
    is when this
    ‘Thing’ She
    (Agape Love) Dances
    And Sings as Coming
    Real NoW Money is no
    longer a Part of the Life
    Equation as LonG as one
    has enough to meet basic
    Subsistence And Social Esteem
    Standards with A Social Role that
    is Full of Loving Meaning and Purpose best
    NoW as Holy and Sacred for the more Gratitude
    We have for every little thing in life is Big Boosting
    in Serotonin all Natural as Moving Connecting and
    Co-Creating takes care of all the Dopamaine and Oxytocin
    and yes Endorphins with enough practice in exercise and
    Overall Moving
    And Still
    too.. Dance is an
    Oldest Way of Achieving
    all of this as Human Beings
    together without even a stitch
    of Clothing as long as ya don’t get
    Your Longer parts froze-off or Skin
    Burnt to a Crisp.. by Excessive Sunshine too..
    heHe.. Ice and Fire not always a Great Mix for Flesh and Blood
    Humans As Such.. It’s like the New Testament Old Bible Says the
    Rich person who is attached to External Stuff never finds the God Force Higher
    NoW Within the Autotelic Bio-Feed Back in Transient Hypo-Frontality Flow
    Satori.. Kundalini Rising.. Prana.. Chi.. the Kingdom of Heaven within
    The Essence is similar and the Forms of Words attempting to House the
    Essence as Vehicles and Vessels like Words are Different for the Similar
    Essence True in Light Real.. Nirvana and Bliss.. Yes.. Heaven may only
    be away a
    where Legal
    and consensual
    and sure wear clothes
    why not.. whatever makes
    one comfortable in Heaven now..
    one thing for sure is it doesn’t cost
    A Red Lincoln Cent or a Washington
    Black And White Green Black Print Dollar Bill..
    the Pyramid with the Wise Eye on Top true that
    is that Teddy Bear with the Left eye Crossed out too
    but what they may
    fail to realize
    is it is the
    left that
    sees right
    more than
    the right sees left..
    When Soul Wide Open
    in Ascending Transcending
    Ecstatic Dance ToGeTHeR NoW too..
    A Key to Freedom is Escaping Reasons
    of Right Hand Thinking of course both eyes
    see left and right so the X over the Left Eye of
    the Teddy Bear works as a Left Hand Metaphor for Art..
    All Seeing
    Eye as Art
    Always Sees
    more by about 20 to 1 Ratio..
    According to Modern Science at least..
    in other Words the Intelligence as Synergy
    of Subconscious Mind RiSinG NoW to
    the Ocean
    of our Human
    Potentials Dark thru
    Light Best as Fearless
    Unconditional Love Harming no
    Others consuming them with Least
    Harm now.. once we understand their
    Differences and Similarities of Life and LoVE Now True in LiGHT too..:)


  2. Awesome selfie photo, ilona madam and the song by Jessie J is cool! It says money can’t buy happiness which is true but money helps to get a better standard of living so I guess it can help us be more happy but can’t control our relations with others, can’t buy friends or health. Maybe that’s what means when people say that money can’t buy happiness. Thank you for sharing πŸ˜€


  3. How many of you listened to this songs πŸ€”
    Thank you for sharing a nice song wid a hidden msg, it is ringing in my head…
    Those lyrics…
    Its not about your money, Forget your money. We just want to make the word dance, so forget the price tags🎹🎼🎧
    Tried to sing back… But….
    😜Im a bad singer😜


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