Natural vs retouched



P.S can you see the difference?


64 thoughts on “Natural vs retouched

      1. I don’t think anyone noticed that so acutely until you mentioned it. I think as women we have become so used to dissecting every little part of ourselves to fit the image of what we think the world wants us to look like.
        You are beautiful! Period! 😊


  1. I think the colors are better in the second one. The second picture is bold. I’d say the hues were adjusted. To me you look pale in the first. I find the second, a better photo overall. I don’t think your figure was altered.

    Photo lighting is hard on facial features, so instead of piling on makeup, like in the theater, you adjust the brightness and hues of the image at the end. These are portfolio pictures. They are meant to look professional.



  2. i AM BrutAlly Honest
    (What else now will one
    Expect From ‘Hulk’ hehe)
    Forgive me but what i see
    in both Photos IS A Beautiful Free
    Bird Whose Soul Language has/is
    Been Captured in the Cage of Another
    Per Photography
    Per Do.. as in all Your
    Personal Photos You Look
    So Care Freeing And Free Spiriting my
    Friend.. Beauty comes best this way Free
    Spiriting Happy Generating Light from Within
    Camera Lights from outside are always
    Dim compared to Our Sunshine within..
    Smiles my Friend my Wife is always
    complaining that Her Butt and
    Legs are Ugly and other
    Women are so lucky
    to have better Butts
    And Legs ugh i SWear
    Now Her Recent Bikini
    Photos Prove Her
    Wrong from Head
    to Toe and more but
    We Will Be our own
    Worst Enemies this way..
    True.. Men do it too.. they seem to always
    Worry more if they look Strong enough
    to Other Men and Honestly these days
    at least it seems Women compare themselves
    to other Women more than they even worry how
    they are perceived by other Men this must be the
    Case as my Wife surely understands fully there is nothing
    about her i do not worship from Head to toe.. and the days
    she is nice too.. hehe.. Honestly this all comes from not being
    Filled up within more Specifically Serotonin as Dopamine is the
    Pleasure and Serotonin is the Self Esteem Generating Neurochemical
    And Seriously What’s Better than Breast Feeding for the Oxytocin that
    Women Feel when they are Nurturing Babies like this that even Men will
    Feel with Tight Hugs too.. Serotonin comes from every little thing we are
    Grateful For in Life Repeat after me Ms. Hugs is Beautiful From Head to toe
    no matter what Ms. Hugs is Beautiful even if she picks her nose.. no you
    don’t have to do it in a photo.. but trust me when i Dance Sing i posed
    in Front of the Word In Underwear (and yes less) Accepting me FULLY
    From Head to Toe for all of who i AM hazing myself this way i am still
    Grinning Beyond iNfinity
    NoW For i AM theNow
    finAlly Determining
    that it is Only me/
    G o D
    Who/That Truly makes
    mY UNiVeRSE
    EPic or Not NoW..
    Grandiose as ‘they’
    Feel and Sense too..
    People get upset when
    Folks don’t have to work
    So Hard to be all in all Now We Are
    All all in All NoW in other Words We are
    All in ALL God Alpha to Omega in Metaphor
    NoW Leaves No Member Out as Lessor or Greater..
    Smiles my Friend Enjoy Your Birth Right Integral to and as God..
    Either we are Temples of God or Not THeRe are/is no ifs ands or Butts DiffeRent..;)


  3. I think the first one is the natural. The second one is the retouched. However you look wonderful, no matter what. It isn’t only the the teeth, dear. Congratulations, though, to your wonderful team. You should make a post with their stories. We are interested to know. Have a wonderful day.


  4. You look beautiful and perfect in both pictures but the retouched one seems to have removed the white light reflection from your forehead, thus, showing the full glory of your face!
    Nice modeling, ilona madam. Also, thank you for sharing this with us. We can learn a thing or two from these photos about modelling as well as Photography 🙂


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