I was Sharing with you not retouched pictures

Here is photoshopped version, tell me which ones do you prefer betterβ€οΈπŸ€—

No retouched


64 thoughts on “I was Sharing with you not retouched pictures

  1. Hi Ilona!! I would say that both are beautiful pictures but for myself I never think that Photoshop is as good as original, mainly because the original is natural, the way a picture should be. Photoshop retouches it and makes it something that it wasn’t, if that makes sense. However, as I said, both are beautiful pictures of you and the black and white version gives it a totally different look highlighting in ways that color can’t sometimes. All that said, I like them both. Hope your day is going well!!πŸ˜ƒπŸŒžπŸ˜Ί

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  2. Good morning Ilona. It’s nice to see you today.

    I like your pictures because you are candid. I like your spontaneous pictures; they show your humor. I also like your posed pictures; they show poise, presence and depth. One of the first questions I ask when needing to decide what is best, is purpose. I as a writer like your posed pictures because they are easier to give a message. Your spontaneous pictures already have a message. A lovely one. β€œIt’s me; I am here!”

    Now between the two you posted, because of one being black and white and the other color, I can’t tell the difference other than that. I like the black and white because it is striking. We see more of you, and the clothes blend into the background. The color one is busy. I see the jacket first, and then I see you. Cheers Ilona, good work.

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  3. No retouched is better because is natural you…most people like to post their Photoshoped pics on social media then they would ask if they are beautiful so when you post altered pics basically we don’t know you so people must stop that and just be proud of how they look and by the way camera don’t lie. Sweet ❀ have a nice day!


  4. Ilona, thank you for sharing those beautiful photos… very beautiful young lady with a beautiful smile.. I like both pictures I’m a person who likes being natural but sometimes we need a little tweak here and there but remember God made you beautiful with flaws and all without photoshop…. ❀️❀️❀️


  5. SMiLes Your Selfies
    Are Best for they
    Reflect A Soul
    You Project
    Effect my Friend..
    You are most Beautiful Within..
    i See all Woman as Beautiful so i
    got my Wife to Judge You.. she says
    You are Pretty.. when i compared Her
    to ‘Goddess Isis’ she said don’t compare
    me to that Ugly Woman.. hehe.. You make
    ‘A Greater Goddess Grade’.. she said my Indian
    Friend is Pretty too that’s nice too…. of course…
    i would much
    rather be
    by Pretty
    Souls that Pretty Faces..
    hmm.. some days Wiley Coyote is nice..
    Road Runner is always Smiling Within
    ‘Cause Road Runner Will Just Do It Dancing in Nike Shox Shoes..;)


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