Nobody can Tell you How To Live

But what are the standards like, how do you personally must live? There are no such a thing here! You are not like anyone, you are unique. So if you find it hard to start moving towards a better, happier life, now I would recommend something the most, turn off TV and turn to self-help book. And I will breathe fresh air for you, raise my eyes to heaven and continue to send love to everyone and everything, and let my life and my heart go along the journey of life so that I will smile in the death hall.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Никто не может сказать вам, как жить

Но какие стандарты, как у вас, вы лично живете? Это не так! Тебе никто не нравится, ты уникален. Поэтому, если вам трудно начать двигаться к лучшей и счастливой жизни, сейчас я бы порекомендовал что-то самое, выключить телевизор и обратиться к книге самопомощи. И я буду дышать свежим воздухом для вас, поднимать глаза к небу и продолжать посылать любовь всем и всем, и позволю моей жизни и моему сердцу идти по пути жизни, чтобы я улыбался в зале смерти.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Personne ne peut vous dire comment vivre

Mais quelles sont les normes comme vous, vivez-vous personnellement? Il n’y a pas une telle chose ici! Vous n’êtes comme personne, vous êtes unique. Donc, si vous cherchez un meilleur départ, je voudrais aller à un livre d’entraide. Et je vais respirer de l’air frais pour vous, je lève les yeux au ciel et je souris.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


37 thoughts on “Nobody can Tell you How To Live


    ♧ Fault Finding and Blaming Creates Criminals and Liars; as a Writer I Exhort You to Excercise Caution when You Start Behaving like Your Parents and Using Their Words to Club Your Child while Grandparents Secretly Spoil The Kids

    …I AM a Kidult EveryOne; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that ‘Grown Ups’ ARE Far Too Serious and Stuck Up Their Own Arses with An Extreme Bad Bout of Seriousness Sickness 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 :

    ♡ We boys are as scared, needy or hurt as girls EveryOne; even More So in Many Cases…it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Ladies ARE better at Separation and Divorce than Hardened Men who tend to Break Down and Cry Like Babies; it’s also Crystal Clear Clarity that The Key is Respect for ALL Genders and Sexual Orientations leading to the flourishing of Creative/Sporting/Business and Personal Relationships



    ♡ Forgiveness or Revenge
    ♧ Foolishness or Knowledge
    ♤ Wit and/or Wisdom

    …these ARE The Foundations of How We Live 3DLife; so I Suggest CHOOSE!!! Carefully or Perish in SOMB (Soul Observer Mind Body) that Rhymes with WOMB…



    ◇ SAD (Stressed Anxious Depressed) People ARE Hard Working Stupid 😔 ; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity HAPPY (Honest Authentic Popular Prepared Youthful) People ARE Smart Working Hard 😀…so; what ARE Your THOUGHTS!!! EveryOne 🤔 ?


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  2. Hi Ilona! Some good thoughts here and wonderfully spoken! We are all unique and live our own lives in different ways. We should live today and look ahead to tomorrow to work towards our goals in life. I agree, we need to turn off that TV, it’s just a waste of time really. Thanks for sharing this Ilona! Have a wonderful day!!😃🌞😺

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    1. Hi Steve, thank you for reading, yes Tv is evil, better stick to blogging, writing is better, well if we want to watch a movie from time to time it is okay, but it shouldn’t be our priority or first thing to do when we enter in our house, first thing what i do when i enter home i say to my cat and spend few minutes with her😁

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      1. I agree with you totally on that Ilona. That is also the first thing I do is to say hi to Muffin and spend time with her. The only thing I do with my TV now is watch a movie now and then. Did you go to the gym today?😁🌞😸


  3. SMiLes Most Every Child
    Comes into ‘This’ World
    Already Prepared
    to Become
    the ‘Naked’
    Writer Director
    Producer and Actor
    of THeir own Play of Life
    Yes then we Force Children
    to sit in their own ‘stuff’ of
    Course not to Fertilize the
    Savannah as we used to do
    true that helped Sanitation then/now
    there are a whole lot of us Humans living
    but other than that Problem For Nature as
    We Consume the Living Heaven out of the Earth
    into a
    Spiral of Species
    Extinction Hell
    Now All around this
    World Still True Freedom
    is Giving More than Taking
    Sharing More than Hoarding
    Writing Directing and Producing
    Our own Plays of Life and Giving and
    Sharing our Freedoms with others only
    for the
    Fee of
    Life Free..
    Hmm.. may
    sound like
    Heaven and it
    surely is when
    One Feels only Positive
    Love within to Give and Share
    Art with All others in
    Balance with
    the Rest of
    for a
    Heaven now
    Within that is
    As Real as Heaven ever gets now..
    hAha i have A DReAm NopE ThE REaLITy OF HeAVeN NoW..;)

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  4. To enjoy the full life, nothing like having a positive concept. We have to get up every morning and convince our interior that we are going to face the world with a smile. Nothing better than reading what you write and getting the best out of us in very simple terms.

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    1. Every day is huge fight, which happens inside me, sometimes evil ilona wins and than i’m sad and worried all day, sometimes the good ilona wins the inside fight and than, the day starts with smile, i have those battles very often, which makes my life more heavy, but well it is how it is nothing i can do, or can i?

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      1. The mood depends on oneself. His dominant mood, that of his smile, so to speak, must prevail. Your personality can not allow your low esteem. That’s obvious because otherwise, you could not write how you do it. Do not lose the illusion of always looking good, even if thousands of problems arise. The beauty of your soul can not have those ups and downs. Greetings.

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  5. Hi.ilona







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