About Wedding (collaboration)

Another powerful collaboration, guess with who? Yes withhttp://stevescountry.com Wedding is an important day of our life. Depend the people it can be more or less significant. But one sure thing is that its pretty expensive day. Lot of personal and financial investment. Do it really worth it? I personally prefer to use this money to enjoy a trip or important expense in life. Than spend … Continue reading About Wedding (collaboration)


Thank you so much for nominating me, so here i’m finally, answering your questions, guys check this super blog https://greathappyliving.wordpress.com RULES: Use the sunshine blogger award logo Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you Answer the 11 questions given to you Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions QUESTIONS: What is your favorite health food or snack? Mangoes. What is your favorite … Continue reading SUNSHINE BLOGGER AWARD