Spending time outside, Mental and Physical benefits (collaboration)

Another collaboration with my friend Steve from Canada, here is his blog https://stevescountry.com

For whatever reason people often spend too much time indoors.  And that often means way too much sitting which is proven to be unhealthy.  It can raise blood pressure, cause heart problems, arthritis, obesity and many other things. 

We need to try and spend more time outside, getting fresh air into our lungs.  I know that in many large cities getting fresh air outside isn’t often possible.  But generally, being outside, getting some kind of exercise is always a good idea. 

Even if you can’t exercise, just sitting outside can have a better influence on your health than being indoors all the time.  If you can, go jogging, walking, do some gardening, even if it’s containers of flowers on a deck.

  Maybe try photography, feeding birds or some other hobby.  Find something to do that you enjoy and will take you outside on a daily basis and you will find it will make a big difference in your health and in your general outlook on life.

A healthy lifestyle is unthinkable without walks in the fresh air. Unfortunately, instead of spending time in the park or in the forest, we are increasingly choosing a TV and a computer.

The consequence can be nervous system diseases, chronic fatigue, weakened immunity. All this is avoided by the daily sip of fresh air and a few minutes spent in the wild.

Breathing, especially for people who does sports, the air is very important for the body. Unfortunately, when we do physical activity where there is not much air, we are damaging our body, increasing the risk of serious chronic diseases.

Walking in the park or in the forest not only relaxes the body and mind, but also provides the body with higher oxygen content. Take a deep breath while walking outdoors, move more actively.


25 thoughts on “Spending time outside, Mental and Physical benefits (collaboration)

  1. very interesting post… although there are quite a number of people who like being indoors, especially introverts (😏nothing wrong with that though), I experience a big difference and increased motivation when I venture into the wild: endless outdoors, especially nature’s beautiful scenes… it’s so refreshing and indescribable….great feeling

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  2. I already commented on Steve’s so I won’t say it again that I love indoor so much when I first arrived in Europe that I got fat and that made me decide to start going out again. 😂

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  4. This is a good collaboration and topic as well! In the city, I really hate to go out, I love nature and mountains but I try to exercise, to have fun with friends, being alone indoor can affect your mental health and increase the depression level I guess sometimes
    Our ancestors used to live more and be more healthy because they used to live naturally eat healthy and breathe a fresh air I guess
    Thank you for sharing 👍

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