Picture Dont Smile

The best what i could do❤️


29 thoughts on “Picture Dont Smile

  1. Oh Lord in Middle
    School they threatened
    (Christian Bully Boys like
    Onward Marching Soldiers)
    to Abuse me then if i dared to
    Smile either in the Middle School
    Halls or the Zen of Playing Tennis at
    the City
    if anyone
    tells me that
    now i will be
    Perfectly still
    and quiet until
    they run away
    afraid of what
    Just come Next
    yes like when a Cat
    Does that just before
    he captures His Last Supper too..;)


  2. I agree with y’all’s comments, and I also understand the photographer. I understand he/her wanting the model not to smile. It’s because it is harder to look attractive when you’re serious. But when you’re not smiling, your eyes are open, and we can see deeper inside you. We see your attitude and your posture towards the world. When we look into your eyes, we can see you have depth.

    I’d say play with it. Ever thought of using a hat? Get yourself a hat. Use it and play with it. Give us anger, give a surprise, give us wonder and amazement. All the other emotions that are, other than happy. I am sure you have it in you.

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