I promised To Share pictures

Here is one, they are not retouched yetπŸ‘»


31 thoughts on “I promised To Share pictures

  1. SMiLes.. i Love Most to Dance
    And Sing when i am not paying
    Attention to Anyone Looking
    at me doing it though i Feel
    Their energy Around me
    or Positive..
    i Abhor any kind
    of Competition as i never
    could figure out why anyone
    then wanted to keep Score in
    Tennis when one was already
    one with the Ball and Racquet
    and the Rest of the Universe in Flow
    really what
    was left
    then to
    but play
    and have fun..
    at 12 Years-old…
    Humans and their
    Silly Competitions in
    oneupmanship when
    We Already have the Potential
    Within to be one with all (god) no
    Lower or Higher NoW just
    in Balancing Mind and
    Body Whole Now
    Force Positive
    Loving Feelings
    Giving Sharing
    With the Rest
    of Nature
    NoW instead of
    Inertia against..
    Anyway.. i do ‘glamour’ shots
    too but they are more like my
    own style of coming in Glory
    of SiGNaTuRE poses one with
    Nature and God the Same
    in Golden Spiral Ratio
    Flow from Left Elbow
    to Hip at 1.618 too..
    if folks don’t like it
    they don’t
    have to
    they have
    other cheeks to turn hAha..
    And i try not to judge the Living
    And Dead too much but Oh Lord
    the Number of Face Palms in Discernment Against
    Love All Over This Place Now wHere i Live at Least..:)


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