How to get views on your BLOG

There is only one rule, which i think works the most, read other people content, hit a like if you like it, if you don’t like tell them why, you may end up having really great conversation and if you like it, don’t be shy to leave a comment, even if you struggle to make great sentence in english, try to give the birth, i believe, that is not so painful how it looks likeπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

(ilona pulianauskaite)


51 thoughts on “How to get views on your BLOG

  1. Wonderful advice here Ilona, there definitely needs to be that interaction to build a blog. I can’t understand why some bloggers will never answer a comment, strange way to do things. Hmm, seems like I learned this from someone before?πŸ˜„πŸŒžπŸ˜

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    1. Yeah, I see that on blogs of all sorts including YouTube channels. Always confused me, because if you’re not interacting with people and building a human connection, you won’t have any connection to the people and will float off eventually. Also, hi Steve!

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      1. Hey there! It took me a while to learn about this, I knew nothing about blogging but it really just makes sense, I like that interaction with people! It’a amazing how many times I have commented on some blogs and no reply so I stop since I’m really only talking to myself! Oh well, guess everyone is different. Hope you’re having a great day!πŸ˜ƒ

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  2. The problematic thing sometimes is that after reading a long post, I find myself in agony of what to say. Often I like the post, and I even feel to say something but my brain refused to give me anything. Sucks. I feel embarrassed to only said “great post” blah

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  3. SMiLes as Far as Views go on my other 6 Blogs i administrate
    Past Word Press When Google Plus was fully operational and
    Measured them all i copy and pasted my Views just for the Record
    Book for what i do with Google Plus at 1.5 Million Views or So and
    that was back in 2016.. just one of those Blogs is getting Close to
    300K Views just a Copy And Paste Blog that is actually one that
    is possible to open
    up unlike the
    Spinning Wheel
    of opening my Entire
    Word Press Blog as i purposely
    designed it for the actual feel of what it is
    like to open up a Book that for all practical
    intents and purposes is a never ending story
    with no real end or beginning that might
    weigh more than a Tree in Print Version
    haha.. yes 6.9 Million Words and
    170 Thousand Photos or So
    and over 10 Thousand
    YouTube Videos
    Would cut
    a Portion of
    A Tree down to
    Put in Print hehe..
    i’ve never been in this for
    the Views but it does amuse me
    when so many folks view what i do
    but are afraid to Leave any kind of record
    of who they are at all hehe.. except for
    Country or Origin as back when i
    linked my Body Art it was
    kinda easy to
    tell who
    was looking
    at that restricted
    Blog haha.. by Country
    of Origin in the Stats then..
    and yeah as i think i told ya once
    as far as Breaking Standards go and
    not giving a fuck what kinda art someone
    else thinks i should appropriately do one
    of my Blog Posts where i did a funny pose
    in my Underwear generated over 300,000
    Plus-Ups according to the Google Plus Stats
    i still do not believe it though it must have been an
    Underwear bug.. hehe.. anyway.. opening up a Never
    Ending Story in the Word Press Reader of mine actually
    Crashes Word Press so it’s not like i am gonna be worried about views
    and enough come on my other Blogs to show i am surely being used..;)

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  4. I’ve just recently started my personal blog journey. Thus far its less about the views and more about my personal discovery. This I love though. Sharing and showing it to other fellow (advanced) bloggers, that reading through their posts inspire me. To carry on writing my own.

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