My favourite bloggers HILARY

I decided to start by Hilary, she is very simple women, you can talk with her about everything, she like minimalism and she hate materialism, she like to cook, she cares about mental health and i even call her my doctor Hilary, she always have a good advice for me in every kind of situation, she always have great sense of humour, we have been following each other for a while, she is married and she have super cute baby.

Hilary is big supporter, even if i’m late to read her posts and to comment, she knows, i will come when i will have time, she never rushed me to read her posts and she never got mad at me for not responding in to her comments for a while, but finally i did and i had great chat with her.

HUGS SWEETHEART, please never change because you are awesome❤️i never met you, but i feel like i know you.


13 thoughts on “My favourite bloggers HILARY

  1. Thank you so much for your support, Ilona ❤️ You’re my #1 fan and I appreciate all of your shoutouts. I hope you don’t mind that I screenshot your post so I can keep it on my phone – it really made my day! ❤️

    I’m sorry that I don’t get to post as often as I would like but I hope to post more in the future. Blogging is not easy, and I am continuing to learn more and more each day. I want to thank you for giving me inspiration and encouragement to keep going. You don’t quit and you always see the good in everything. Even though we haven’t met, I can relate to you and you’re my role model. ❤️

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