My favourite bloggers

Hello guys, this is my another very special friend, he is happily married, he likes music and he loves to dance, he also have huge collection of T-short. He is very huge supporter and very beautiful person.

He reads almost every post, he gives his knowledge, his experience and advice, i appreciate it a lot, it isa bit difficult to access in to his blog, because the posts are huge, but they are very warm and fun, thank you for being IN MY LIFE.



22 thoughts on “My favourite bloggers

  1. That beautiful..
    It really best..
    Ask your friend to stop following other songs and music..
    And it better that he would create a new one and play some soft musical instruments…
    Creativity is best in the world..

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    1. Smiles.. OK.. Your wish is my command
      too.. hehe… already did it.. i Wasn’t at all
      Worried about making mistakes either..
      or the fact it was recorded on
      A Cheap Dictation Device..
      Original Creativity only
      Comes once we Will
      Never afford
      to let it
      go no
      matter what
      Form the Essence
      Takes note i wrote
      A Song too it’s 6.9
      Million Words lon and this
      is part of that too.. a bit hard
      to open up but it is no ‘Ordinary Song’..
      And when i Sing a Song that has Been Sung
      before if i don’t know it i might start out slow
      but it will be something much different i will
      Entertain and make Folks Laugh and by the End someone
      out a
      at me too hehe..;)

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  2. Good Morning Ilona From Sunny Florida All the Sugar White Beaches
    And Paradise of Emerald Gulf Coast too Like the Florida Riviera Now
    And Paradise of Forest Rivers and Golden Streams too.. Ms.. Hugs..
    Bravo You have accomplished
    already what few people do online
    and that is Make Online into a Village
    of Friendly People.. It is true those of us
    who have seen Great Darkness Lasting in Years
    often work 10 times and more Harder than those
    who have not seen this Darkness to Make Great Light..
    True.. it’s not Just that the People Who Walk in Darkness
    Have Seen Light they are the ones who may Create the Most
    Light.. You are a Very Sensitive and Empathic Person as Angels
    Go those Wings in Life may get burnt a bit and even become Ashes
    As Feathers Fall but there is always a way up and that is Love my Friend
    i am
    Proud to
    Call You
    my Special
    Friend too for
    We Are All ParT
    oF TeaM LiGHT!!!..:)

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  3. just followed him now ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for sharing. Yes you are right I have a hard time reading the post because I can’t load it, it looks like the images are high in resolution and it is taking time to scroll the page.

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      Thanks.. i followed you too.. your
      Blog Looks Fun and Interesting
      A Direct Link helps as i literally
      have it set up as a ‘Never Ending Story’
      When someone attempts to open the Whole
      Long Form Epic Poem at 6.9 Million Words and Around 170 Thousand
      or So Photos i took and over 10 Thousand You Tube Videos Fully
      illustrating and accompanying it As Since i’ve Been
      Retired from a 25
      Year Government
      ‘Task’ And 8 Years
      of other Jobs i have
      Endless time now on
      my Hands yes now even
      the ‘Time’ it took to Public
      Dance 11,262 Miles Now in Dance 69
      Months.. same span of Dates writing
      the 6.9 Million Word Free Verse Poem..
      and no.. no one Dances Like me Either
      haha.. i started my ‘Dance Legend Career’
      at age 53.. i surely am not ‘too big’ to See
      Doing that in the Deep South Florida Bible Belt North..
      And since i already Provided a Video of me Singing and
      Creating Piano Music ‘up there’ in original ways here is a Dance
      Video from Super Walmart When i Celebrated 11,000 Miles Earlier
      this Year and me Leg Pressing 1340 Lbs Twelve Times Unconventionally
      too.. my whole Point of this is other people will do more if they like too..
      my Heroes
      were Folks
      Like Jack LaLanne
      And Bruce Lee and
      Michelangelo who didn’t quit Painting
      ‘Ceilings’ Either With Smiles.. Van Gogh too..
      the ‘Jesus Story’ is a Friend of mine too but Just the Love Part..
      Although i find the DarK in Light Equally MuSinG too…
      By the way i also Have Asperger’s Syndrome
      on the Autism Spectrum too with a somewhat
      Mild Case of Bi-Polar that stays rather up for years
      and Yes down for up to 66 Months too as i dealt with
      the Suicide Disease (Type Two-Trigeminal Neuralgia)
      as a shut-in for what seemed like forever in my Home For 66
      Months from Wake to Sleep that is considered the worst
      Pain known to Humankind assessed as more Torturous
      than Literal Crucifixion for me like a Dentist Drill in my
      Right Eye and Ear with no Pain Relief from wake
      to sleep where a Second was Forever yes a Shut-in
      in my Bedroom where one day the Symptoms of that
      and 18 Other Medical Disorders ‘Mysteriously Went
      Away’.. on a Peaceful Beach no Less as my Previous
      Goal from a Therapist was to walk in a Whataburger
      to gain un-shut-in Status it is safe to say i am no Longer
      Shut-in.. i have Zero Pain from Head to toe and us folks
      With Asperger’s Syndrome will go on and on about our
      Special Interests unless i don’t tell myself to shut-up now..;)

      Oh by the way.. i’m Reaching 59 Years of Age on June
      6th.. And by the way Science Shows’Free Dance’ is literally
      A Fountain of Youth the More one does it the
      One Feels
      and actually
      the Moving Meditation
      Part of it will Build Grey Matter
      in Ones’ Brain Reversing the Impact
      of Stress on an Aging Brain except for
      the Fear Center of the Amygdala as it
      actually will Reduce Grey Matter for Anxiety there…
      And if one does it enough chances are one will get real strong
      too.. i was the last kid picked in sports mercilessly bullied
      And Teased for my Androgyny and inability to speak
      fluidly as i couldn’t speak until age 4.. it’s safe to
      say no one messes
      me with
      me any more too..
      Where i live you practically
      Have to become Superman
      to even smile as a Dude and not get bullied.. by
      someone with a ‘Minion Pant Suit on’ per say and do too..;)

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      1. Wow this is a lot. Thanks for following. Believe me I read you comment ๐Ÿ™‚ On my next day off I will spend on your blog. Your life is definitely unique. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ You have a lot of story to tell and I love that one. I love to read other’s business. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      2. SMiles.. my Friend thanks
        For your thoughtful
        Reply.. might take
        A Summer
        Vacation to
        Get through a
        Post hehe.. most of
        my Life all i could
        Do is Write a
        Technical List
        Of 1,2,3, at most
        My motto now is
        Donโ€™t let
        Or Labels
        And other
        โ€˜Stuffโ€™ Hold
        Ya Back for i
        Surely did
        For Decades
        Of Average

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