Dark Angel Olivia

Dark Angel Olivia This character come from a video game “Shingeki no Bahamut” then it been adapt in manga last year. I actually don t play to this video game and i never watch this anime. This statue i bought it really for the design. I loved it, the sculpt, the colors harmony. I really don t regret. Its actually one of my favorite pvc figure and its one of the most famous on the market. But curious to discover who she is. I ll try the manga one of those days.




35 thoughts on “Dark Angel Olivia

      1. Hey, hey, I’m doing okay!!😃 Just finishing up my post (first one) for today. Muffin will be doing her award post today also. Does Leya do award posts? Muffin could nominate her. Start something new!😂😹

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      2. Yep, 2 cups so far and I’m jumping! Will be going out for a coffee with my friend this morning too, so decided not to have more than 2!😂 Did you have coffee? Oh right, you’re not drinking it right now.☕😕😁

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      3. No, you just have so many to read, can’t possibly read them all. Unless they’re mine!😂😂Who said that?😂😀Raining again and I have to go out. My hair gets curly when I go out in the rain!😠😁

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  1. “The war goddess sails through the sky on onyx wings,
    inciting the combatants below. Together they will create a new world.”
    SMiLes had to do a bit of Research to Find out About “Dark Angel
    Olivia but hey Inciting Combatants to Create a New World
    is no
    Life Bad..:)

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