When you Ask Siri to tell You a joke


63 thoughts on “When you Ask Siri to tell You a joke

  1. Jokes are Icebreakers
    Of Frozen HeART
    Let all Your
    Cubes Fall
    Out Melt
    Your Soul
    Into a Flood
    Of SMiLes
    Out Frozen
    Darkness and hey
    Moonlight Feels Right
    Full Moon Coming soon Saturday Color it more
    No limits Imagination
    MaGiC Gold..:)

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      1. Haha That’s Okay i don’t know how to talk ‘Normally’
        Anyway hehe.. i am doing Great if i was doing
        any Better i might fly away and
        never land again
        so i am always
        looking for
        a bit of Challenge
        to insure that doesn’t
        happen too my Friend
        Katrina is doing Okay for
        now it seems.. she tends to
        worry too much over small things
        in life.. i guess when you get to go
        to Hell on Earth the small things in life
        don’t bother you much i find this for sure
        going for 66 Months as i used to be a Super
        Perfectionist i could not stand to make any mistake
        but i got over that
        and i don’t
        even use
        periods or
        semi-colons when
        i write i just live life
        like Peter Pan cause i
        can i will i am what i am
        Like Popeye the Sailor man says too..
        True.. my Dance Journey is going great now
        too.. always measured by the Smiles on the Faces
        of Joy i bring to Open Minded bodied folks who enjoy
        watching me just a fraction of how much i Enjoy the
        Bliss of Doing it Floating without Gravity for Hours on End..:)


      1. Hi love, I just want to let you know that I nominated you for the sunshine blogger award, feel free to check my post to see what you have to do, I love reading your posts, I think you are an inspiration for all of us and I also think you deserve it 😍

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