Tuesday’s Motivation (collaboration)

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What Is Motivation and Why Do We Need It?

Motivation is awakened by both internal and external factors, which stimulate the desire and the energy to continue being interested and committed to a job, action or goal. It is the process that stimulate people to act, do things, and accomplish goals.

What can help you to get motivated?

1)You need to know exactly what you want.

2)Your goal should be clear.

3)You need to be aware of it benefits of what you want to accomplish.

4)You need to keep the desire, enthusiasm and zest constantly alive.

Thinking often of your goal, and accepting the idea that it can come true, would increase your motivation and strengthen your desire to achieve it.

Thinking and persuading yourself of the importance of what you want to do or achieve, would increase your motivation, strengthen your desire, and make you willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal.

Inner motivation.

Being involved in the behavior that arises from internal motivation, the man rewards himself. In other words, the activity itself gives the person the pleasure and meaning – no additional external awards are required. An internally motivated person goes to a sports club because he likes to spend time actively; he takes on a hard-to-beat task, because the challenge himself wants to try his hand, and in the card game he gets involved because it gives pleasure.


18 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Motivation (collaboration)

  1. Wow! This list is almost identical to what I’ve been learning about what a film directer needs to do.

    1) I need to know exactly what I want, so that I can tell the actors.
    2) My goal (or vision) for the project needs to be clear, so that the crew members know what they are working for.
    3) I need to know the positive impact that this film can have on people when it is finished. So that I don’t get stuck on how hard it is now, but that I have an end goal.
    4) And even though I can get exhausted with all the work, I need to stay enthused.

    Thank you very much for this awesome post! It helped me remember what I need to do!


  2. The Natural Endorphins And Serotonin
    And Dopamine Generated By Sunny Blue
    Skies is enough Motivation
    for me but
    True i
    Am Easily
    And Very Amused
    As my Levels of ‘Latent
    Inhibitions’ are low in other
    Words Each Day Looks like
    A ‘Whole New World’ to me
    at Least Under the Same Sun
    And Moon And Stars and Sky
    And Overall Space Distance And
    Time that Never really Exists when
    Now is always New to Be Explored again New..:)

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