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And hence, divorce rate is so high here and people are afraid to commit to marriage. Yet they continue dating jerks without the “commitment” and wonder why they’re still miserable. Even married women who married the wrong man. They’re more obsessed with the fantasy of living a perfect life, having the perfect wedding etc. until the lust wears off and life is once again dull and unfulfilling.


good advice, but if a man doesn’t fall in love with a woman’s looks, like is almost every situation in real life, then he might not be able to get closer to the person in order to find out what is in the book… the first thing, especially men are attracted to, is looks, and probably dressing, etc… after the attraction, then they bother about what is in the book—whether to live with the good book, or live with the shitty book—whichever way… most foolish men live with the shitty book and remain slaves and BS all their lives…


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    1. Exactly, we cant stay young and beautiful forever so whats the point? So few years later you will search again for someone who is younger and more-beautiful? I never understood the guys who are doing research all the time and trying to discover a bicycle, stop researching!!! All the women will become old and wrinkly!!!😁😁its called life❤️🎈🖤

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      1. That is so true Ilona! And it seems a lot of guys these days are only attracted to the outward beauty and when they get tired they look for someone else. The real beauty is inside, I know I have said it before, and it makes the outward beauty shine with a brilliance more than the sun! Which is what you have and it seems to be rare these days. And love can only come from the heart if it is going to last. That’s what people need to concentrate on but they don’t want to it seems. Great thoughts Ilona, you have it right.🙂❤😁

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      2. Thank you for reading and for understanding, how can you get tired of someone who you love? At least you said you did? So why have you promised the world and made someone to believe you? If after all you turn your back on and meeting someone else behind another corner?

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      3. If the love is real, you won’t get tired of someone, but so many just want to try things out instead of making a commitment, really though only want one thing which is sex, so then they start looking around after a while for someone else. It’s not the right way of doing things for sure. Always look at the heart, that will show if it is real. Unfortunately some people are good at pretending too which makes it tough. You have the right attitude about love, that’s a good thing, don’t change it.

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      4. That is so true, we are a throw away society and that does turn to relationships too, but it shouldn’t. Often people stop ‘loving’ each other because of an argument, but it’s usually because they were not in love in the first place.

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      5. Because people have lost the meaning of true love, for so many the love just means sex and that will not last. There is so much more to true love, but people don’t even consider that anymore. And you’re right, the children suffer because of it, people don’t usually even consider what they are doing to their children, it is just so sad when that happens, the children are hurt so badly.

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      6. I was going to say, hey, what’s with the change of subject. Oops, yes, I know what you are thinking!😂😂😁😁I don’t have that kind of car. I believe in true love first.😁

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      7. Ty for sharing my comment Ilona. You’re a great conversation starter!❤️ I’m replying to your reply to Steve and this is intentional. I think that the “honeymoon phase” of dating is lust, at least, it’s what I’m convinced this feeling is. After a few months when life gets real and struggles in a relationship need to be addressed, the person may “fall out of love” because of boredom and move onto the next person.

        I completely agree with Steve’s comment too. It’s not what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside and a lot of ppl don’t seem to dig that deep emotionally.. Maybe it’s out of fear of being alone. I never understood why people choose to settle for something that deep down they know will probably end badly.

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  1. YeaH it’s True if you hear a Dude say he’s not interested
    in Characteristics Like Big Eyes And Glowing Estrogen
    Skin and Fertile Wide Enough Hips you might wanna
    Check to make
    Sure He
    is not
    an ‘Alien
    Dude’ haha..
    And true not all Fearless
    Dudes are particularly ‘Aesthetically’
    Beautiful but hey.. if you have to have
    someone to Fend off the Wild Animals
    From Your Little Bitty Defenseless Baby
    Broad Shoulders and a Broad Jaw and
    Brutally Developed Fists and
    ‘Claws’ and Really Big
    ‘Wolf Man Teeth Will
    come in
    Handy for Basic
    Survival and Subsistence
    as hey what would you like
    more a ‘Pretty Nice Dude’ or a Baby
    that wasn’t Eaten by a Wild Animal
    to put it very bluntly off course as a
    Prehistoric Example that may not be
    Relevant today but is somewhere still
    in our Shadow Self so yeah Women Naturally
    Go still for the Protector Dude Fearless While they
    are Ovulating as Social Science And Reproductive Science
    Still Does Show and Most Men Just Wanna Find a Woman who
    is Nurturing and Fertile Enough to Successfully Birth a Baby
    the Baby
    off a Cliff’
    if they cannot
    Bond with a Child at all..
    in all the ways that comes
    these days still as a cruel but still
    Reality Part of Life.. Anyway Jerks Equal
    Dudes without much Empathy With Higher
    than Usual Levels of Testosterone Enough Will
    And Strength to Protect but the rest of it is left up to
    Biology and Environment Still the most.. True.. Be careful
    what you wish for or you might just get what you don’t want most..
    Or Love
    the ‘Jury’ is always
    out in the Environment of Biology of Course..
    And yeah yeah i think this covers why Women get
    all lusty after Men who are generally Speaking Donkey Butts too..
    ‘Pro tip’ too
    An Expensive
    Wedding isn’t really
    A Good Option when
    Folks cannot even afford to buy a Car these days…
    And Oh my God the Reality of What it really costs to raise a
    Child.. Mother
    as there are
    far more than enough of
    us Raping up and Consuming
    the Living Earth Killing 1 Million
    of the 8 Million Species of Life to
    Extinction in the Coming Decades
    As Science Estimates too.. Nature Speaks
    Now in Human Misery and Suffering the cost
    of Any Animal who tries to Fool Mother Nature even
    Days of Balance..:)

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      1. Hehe tHere might
        Be Some Manga
        Aliens still
        to Visit You HAha..
        but let’s take the Alien
        TheMe And SoMe Old Style
        why not..
        no Less too.. heHe..
        i’m way past Lust and
        Love i’m all about the
        Creativity FoR NoW hAha..
        After aLL THat’S How the UniVerse
        And God As SaMe And DiFFeRENT
        Works You Just Ask and Ya Get IT but yes be
        As Nature
        And God and
        the UniVerse Will
        GiFT iT all to You too.. hahA..;)

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  2. Love, like life is a journey. Finding the right partner willing to take that voyage with you is the biggest decision. There will be highs and lows, but love survives if it’s true. ❤️

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  3. great post, especially the introduction… the case of marrying jerks is also here, but probably not that much compared to some other countries… I still find it hard to understand why some people like jerks

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  4. Been married for 3 years now and we believe in divorce. You’ll just know when you find the right person because they’re not the ones who are desperate and flinging themselves at anyone who wants to hook up. People seem to think that sex means love and it most certainly does not if it’s a hook up or some other short-lived ego booster. Trust me when I say that it’s not the kind of love you want and won’t make you happy in the long-run.

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      1. Let’s eat, Grandma! VS. Let’s eat Grandma!

        The English language has its funny moments, especially when ppl choose to take shortcuts. The iPhone didn’t stand a chance with its autocorrect.

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