About Motivation (collaboration)

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External motivation.

As one can easily understand from the name, external motivation is the one that comes from outside the human as an individual. In cases where we are motivated from the outside, we either seek some kind of implicit reward, or vice versa – we try to avoid the implicit punishment. So, among the many possible examples, external motivation could be good grades at school, praise from a teacher or employer, a higher salary, an article about us on any news portal, conflict prevention, and so on.

What Is Motivation and Why Do We Need It?

Motivation is an inner driving force that pushes you to do and accomplish things. It is comprised of a strong desire, ambition, and the realization of the importance of what to want to do.

In order to accomplish anything, you need a driving force, otherwise, nothing would happen. A simple wish is not strong enough to make you take action. A wish is a weak desire, but only a strong desire can drive you forward, to act and accomplish aims and goals.


13 thoughts on “About Motivation (collaboration)

  1. SMiLes There are Wishes as small
    as Prayers that may not Work
    And other Prayers that are also
    Labeled as the Placebo Effect that
    Modern Science files in Cabinets
    that Say Recovered from Terminal
    Disease in Remission with no Explanation
    other than
    A Suggestion
    to Get Well
    And a
    to Get Well
    Taken as Gospel
    Truth as is True Science
    Shows when one Visualizes
    Doing Exercises they will literally
    Be Empirically Measured next after a
    Course in Weeks of the Visualizations
    of Imagining Exercising where there are
    both Strength Gains in Efforts of Force and
    Measurement Gains in Muscles too.. The Force
    Over Mind over Matter of our Flesh and Blood is
    Great Science Will Measure it but really has no full
    idea that
    it works
    other than
    We Believe
    We Visualize the
    Result and Voila Results Can
    And Will Come for not Everyone
    but those who Try Hard Enough for
    Mind over Matter Miracles Really to come true..:)

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