About Love

Something what we say in French, it is a bit rude, but it is so true: if you fell in love with an ass, be prepared to have a shitty life😁😂

О любви

Что-то, что мы говорим по-французски, это немного грубо, но это так верно: если ты влюбился в задницу, будь готов к дерьмовой жизни…

Sur l’amour

Quelque chose que nous disons en français, c’est un peu grossier, mais c’est tellement vrai:

Si tu tombe amoureux d un cul attend toi a avoir une vie de merde.


76 thoughts on “About Love

  1. And hence, divorce rate is so high here and people are afraid to commit to marriage. Yet they continue dating jerks without the “commitment” and wonder why they’re still miserable. Even married women who married the wrong man. They’re more obsessed with the fantasy of living a perfect life, having the perfect wedding etc. until the lust wears off and life is once again dull and unfulfilling.

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  2. great post; in fact funny but true real-talk comment…however, what would the French say, in the event that a person fell in love with an eyes that resemble your own, then what type of life should such a person be prepared to have?

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      1. good advice, but if a man doesn’t fall in love with a woman’s looks, like is almost every situation in real life, then he might not be able to get closer to the person in order to find out what is in the book… the first thing, especially men are attracted to, is looks, and probably dressing, etc… after the attraction, then they bother about what is in the book—whether to live with the good book, or live with the shitty book—whichever way… most foolish men live with the shitty book and remain slaves and BS all their lives…

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      2. Ilona, it would be an honor for my comment to be posted on your blog’s comment of the day. You don’t have to even ask me whether I would mind if you post it… that was really humble of you… thanks

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  3. Hmm.. It seems We all have a bit of a Donkey’s Butt
    if We are Human At least.. i rather See it
    First than Just See the
    Behind of
    as it Goes Away…
    But True Too much
    Donkey’s Butt Will Be Stubborn too..
    It’s Also Worth Noting and Very True
    that the Most Feminine Sweet Women
    At Least if they are not Taking Birth Control
    And Still Ovulating Will Naturally Be Attracted
    to the Most Highly Infused Testosterone Males with
    A Very Masculine Face that means Less of a Nurturing
    Soul too and in General Less of an Emotional Heart and
    Nurturing Personality that takes Care of Other Folks now
    With Copious Amounts of Empathy too.. but hey that’s how
    Comic Book Human Heroes are Created too.. the Super Masculine
    Dude Meets the Super Feminine Female they Get along long enough
    for the Baby to at least Get through the Mother’s Milk then Moving on
    they go to the Next Masculine Reproductive Success as such Meanwhile
    That Little Boy with the Propensity to be a Real Donkey’s Butt and so
    Strong and Silent too.. Learns to Love More always a Bit Resentful
    that Daddy Went his Way for him to Fend for Himself.. Having
    To Become a Man on his Own and Riding all the Rough
    Spots Without a Fearless Daddy to Give advice
    Eventually when Both the Loving Side
    and the Fearless Side are integrated
    in Feminine Love And Grace
    With Masculine Will
    And Strength
    Voila the
    Hero Archetype is
    made and Quite Honestly
    we likely have a shortage of Hero
    Dudes for when the Pill came on the
    Stage in 1960.. Women started being attracted
    to Men With More Feminine Faces.. hmm.. Chances
    are if one is a Very Masculine Looking Man.. Women
    From Other Countries who are not on the Pill will like
    them a whole lot more particularly when they are Ovulating
    As Yes This is
    A Science of
    Goats Yes
    Broad Jawed And the
    Estrogen Glow of Sweet Lambs..
    Some Women Just Get Used to
    the Donkey Butts and Stay as Some
    Donkey Butts are just to lazy to stray.. hehe..;)

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  4. SMiLes we humans have the ability to aRise far Higher
    Than Our Shadow Selves but only if We Integrate Our Shadows
    And Understand it as a Necessary and Evolved part of our Human
    Nature For Basic Survival as that applies to Subsistence.. Shelter
    And Reproduction.. meh..
    Actually Younger Age Folk’s
    Involvement in Sexual activities
    are down anyway as honestly there
    is just too much Stress for most folks
    And too many ‘Screen Activities’ now for
    exploring almost any part of our Shadow Selves
    Including Lust and Aggression that all play
    A part in each person’s Propensity to be a
    Donkey’s Butt some days.. Lord it’s easy
    for me to say this is easy without the
    Requirement to have the Stress of
    a Job for in this Golden Age i now
    Mostly Feel like a 16 Year-Old Dude
    Now More but haha it’s not
    always so easy as my
    Wife hasn’t figured
    out how
    to let
    all Her Stress go yet..
    There is a Big Difference between
    Lust and a Bond that Lasts For Decades
    And There are way more Safe and Efficient
    Options than Screwing something up that will
    Last a Lifetime so sure on the 8th Day ‘God’ Invented
    Porn along with Poetry for Softer Romance too.. that way
    Women Get their Romance Novels and Men Get their Images
    there is lower Fertility and Yes God as Nature Smiles on the 8th
    Day in Balance of Nature Better True as Nature always has Nature’s
    with no
    Human or
    other Favorites
    to play Head games with haha..;)


  5. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Aah!!! As if we have any control over our heart falling in love with some piece of shit out there. My mom says “When one’s heart fell for a jenny (a female donkey), then who the heck is a fairy (the most beautiful and imaginary woman)?”

    I so much want to rant over this interesting topic but let’s keep it as a cue for some other day with someone one-on-one instead of writing in space to space 🙂

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  6. Love is a human emotion and as such fallible to wrong perception and corruption
    A person who hurts another can genuinely believe it is because they love them and be blinded therefore to the harm they cause, equally a person who willingly suffers unnecessaryly to help another can be victim to the same misperception and may be preventing that person from helping themselves

    Though I confess love, which I had ever so briefly, can be a powerful force and create many good reactions, it can also be the mother of all ass’s that kicks us in the teeth if don’t keep check of our emotions!

    You asked!


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