About Letting Go

If you truly love someone, but they dont want to be with you, dont hold, the best what you can do is to wish happiness and let go.

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)

О отпускании

Если вы действительно любите кого-то, но они не хотят быть с вами, не держитесь, лучшее, что вы можете сделать, это пожелать счастья и отпустить.

(Илона Пулианаускайте)

À propos de laisser partir

Si vous aimez vraiment quelqu’un, mais qu’il ne veuille pas être avec vous, ne le tenez pas, le mieux que vous puissiez faire est de souhaiter le bonheur et de laisser aller.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “About Letting Go

  1. This also applies to fallouts with friends. The healthiest thing to do is wish them well and move on rather than keep that pain inside. I thought there was something wrong with me but then realized that if someone doesn’t care as much as you do, then their actions are truly a reflection of themselves and their own insecurities.

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  2. Maybe i’m a bit Naive
    but when someone
    Sets You Free Once
    And You Never Left
    And Someone Does it
    Again And You Never Left
    Does that
    they wanna
    See You Go
    or Come i stay
    anyway so i guess
    that answers my
    Issues on other Fronts
    of Poetry too as i’m like a Pet Dog..
    i don’t Know any better but to stay unless
    Someone actually says Go Go! Get! out! of here! now..!
    Mostly though they are too Chicken Stuff and Just Delete
    me and totally ignore me while i’m dusting off my Sandals
    to go
    Back at all
    as Lord Knows
    so many Websites
    in the Ocean these days.. hehe..;)

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      1. i have plenty of time
        For Friends i think
        Most folks are just
        Too overwhelmed
        With Stress
        To maintain
        Intimate Loving
        Platonic Friendships
        These Days Blogging
        Helps cause it makes
        A Common Bond
        Like a Pub
        Alcohol i
        Always look
        Forward to connecting
        To the Handful of
        Bloggers who have
        Stayed connected
        With my Tsunami
        Of Words the last
        Few Years you can
        Stay Connected with
        Me forever like this
        If you like
        As there is
        No reason
        For me to
        Go away Hulk
        Has some thick
        Skin with Feelings
        Too that always
        Back in Full
        Light Free to Be..✌️🕺

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      2. 500 Miles Away From
        Home is the Last
        Song on Que
        For the Latest
        Post i finished
        Writing for
        Publish on Thursday
        Plus Thirty Thousand
        Words in the Usual
        Week Long Effort😁✌️
        Like Your
        New Avatar
        By the way
        And what
        Looks like
        Color Change of Hair..:)


  3. As much as I agree with that advise, I also know the pain of losing a friend for the sake of respecting thier wishes
    The fact that the wound has yet to heal is something I never blame that friend for, but I do hate life for not giving the means to heal
    No matter how much I try

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