Need More Motivation?

Here you go MY FRIENDS


28 thoughts on “Need More Motivation?

  1. SMiLes i’ll Raise Ya A Giver/Shaker Song for Your ‘Mover’ Song
    It’s Another Secret Don’t Tell anyone but ya wanna
    know who i am Really in Love with for Motivation
    The Name STarTS With G And yes it is
    Gravity.. No.. Not Inertia
    but my Best
    Friend Gravity
    For When i Overcome
    Gravity in Balance in Dancing
    Singing Free i am Set Free From All the
    Gravity of Stress From That ‘Other World’
    That continues to move With Inertia..
    Yes.. Against Gravity when the answer is
    So Simple.. i mean look at The Planets all That
    Weight in Balance Now Just Gliding Light Years
    Away/Near in Balance With So Little Inertia Lasting Lasting Longer
    Longer Just Spiraling with no Problems unless a CoMet
    Comes aLong in a Collision but yeah Sh88 HaPPeNS
    Everywhere too what
    ya gonna
    do except
    untiL it CoMeS Free..
    Smiles but reAlly it is
    Key When You Do Move
    And every minute move you
    Make BeCoMeS Art With Gravity
    iNstead of Against Gravity that’s where
    A REaL MaGiC STaRTS Like a Portal to Never
    Never TiMe Land No Distance Space Either Just
    A Never Ending Story of Bliss and Nirvana Free
    in Orbit
    With Gravity
    And God Free
    And What Springs
    Next is Indeed Spring
    All 12 Months of A Year
    that no longer Even Exists in
    the Eternal Now of Motivation Free…
    Smiles Ms. Hugs Thanks for all Your
    ‘Poetry Prompts’ today.. Open Ended
    Short Phrases/Questions are A Sponge that Make
    oF Art too.. hAha..
    It’s like You are A
    Pitcher And A Base Ball
    And i am a Home Run haha..
    Just Belting Another one out of another World’s ParK..;)

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      1. Good Gooood 🙂
        Well, I’m working in the hospitality industry more than 12 years . Actually crunching the numbers more than 12 years. Devoted to the hospitality world. I’m doing great. Thanks God. New Day, New Problems , Surprises… Life is full of ups and downs 😉 Hold on tight . Architect ? Wow! Love it! Wish you all the best Ilona 🙂 Waiting to hear your good news.

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