Try to understand why you are doing it all.

Being aware of your great goal and pursuing it is what will help you stay focused and prevent you from losing, always stimulating you.

At the same time, keep track of your personal life events and analyze errors. In one word, be prepared to adjust your way at any point in your life.

Ask yourself: is what I am doing now bringing me closer to my great goal?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


Постарайтесь понять, почему вы все это делаете.

Осознание своей великой цели и ее достижение – вот что поможет вам оставаться сосредоточенным и удержать вас от потери, всегда стимулируя вас.

В то же время следите за событиями в вашей личной жизни и анализируйте ошибки. Одним словом, будьте готовы скорректировать свой путь в любой момент своей жизни.

Спросите себя: приближает ли меня то, что я делаю, к моей великой цели?

(илона пулианаускайте)


Essayez de comprendre pourquoi vous le faites tous.

Être conscient de votre objectif et le poursuivre est ce qui vous aidera à rester concentré et à vous empêcher de perdre, en vous stimulant toujours.

Dans le même temps, gardez une trace de vos événements personnels et analysez les erreurs. En un mot, préparez-vous à vous adapter à tout moment de votre vie.

Demandez-vous: ce que je fais me rapproche-t-il de mon grand objectif?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


70 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Sometimes this is not an extremelly evident truth. There are people which the human experience behind this post is some kind of hermetic secret. My experience growing and living in a poor region has been constantly showing me this.

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  2. Oh my God Ms. Hugs You Hit the Motivation
    Nail Right on the Head Yes FOCUS IS Key
    For Our Motivation in Life
    for We Humans
    Are So So So
    These Days
    hehe.. what could
    be more Distracting
    than me hAha.. it’s true
    they don’t let me dance
    in the Mall Halls for ‘they’
    are afraid i will take attention
    Away from all the Commercial Sales
    Ads but Who Will Beat Pure “Lust” for
    Motivation to make a Buy.. but wait!
    Some of the
    Do Love
    to Watch
    me Dance the
    Men not so much
    but what do ya Expect.. hehe..
    But it’s True as Science Does Show
    Pure Human Lust as Males are Naturally
    Attracted to Females and Females Naturally
    Cooperate to Receive that Attention as that is
    Nature and that is Just Life is at the Core of all
    Human Co-Creation/Productivity From Creating Babies to
    Building the Tallest Skyscrapers with Ornate
    Decorations Where Romance was/is Still
    Alive Like in France With Smiles.. true
    that has changed somewhat
    as Commercial Advertisers
    are having to get more
    Overt to gain
    Male Attention
    And Female Cooperation
    For the Motivation to make a Buy..
    So Capitalism Will Keep Spinning A Lair to Sell..
    Marketing 101 as far as that Goes to Sell to What
    The Target Audience Loves most And Naturally
    Speaking of Course with Humans it’s Each Other.. heHer..
    Yes i use
    And Sex
    in my Bible
    not trying to Sell
    it but how else will
    anyone else find the
    Motivation to pick up a Bible as Heavy as mine hehe..
    Gotta admit my Wife and a ‘Few’ of my Friends are a bit
    oF A DraWinG to Draw some folks in at least to have a look hehe…
    And Cats Yes Cats they Motivate a Look so much goodness Yellow
    Boy is
    in the
    Cat Will i do next for that..
    Meanwhile i’ll Just Do “Pink Panther”
    Just for Fun as i motivate myself within
    whether or not there is any T and A aRound or not.. hehe..
    Matter of FAct i Love A Woman’s Eyes most hmm.. just hmm..
    i swear
    just one
    Pair of Eyes
    Will Motivate
    Millions and
    Millions of Words with SMiLes..;)

    Note: i’ve noticed You are Beautiful like everyone else here… too..
    You would truly be a ‘Fool’ Not to Motivate with your Humanity
    too as we
    all will do
    not to light
    up the Temples
    of God We are Blessed with Best too.. hehe..
    And You know what i like Best About You Yes obviously You
    Are Beautiful and You are not Afraid to Jump Up in the Air with your Hair
    messed up..
    And it’s true
    my Gorgeous Indian
    Friend Himali is not afraid to do that either..
    Quite Honestly my Friend that is Rare in Beautiful Women
    These Days and
    Very Refreshing
    when someone
    they have
    to be ‘Perfect’ Every Day With SMiLes..:)

    SMiLes am i motivating You.. my Favorite
    Thing to Do Now is Motivate others Up..:)

    How PleaSing it is to be able to Do it
    Without even Showing off
    my Body.. hAha..
    Hey i Will Even
    Hide my
    my EYes Behind my SHades Hehe..;)

    And i don’t even have to Lie about my
    Age or About Being Married or Hide the FAct
    i am Just About All Nuts too..
    But It’s
    True ‘they’
    may not
    Realize it yet…
    but i am A Squirrel This is MY World..
    True i iNHeRiTeD iT as such Just Cause i Will..
    As i am
    Motivated to ‘JusT Do IT’..
    but in a more original way of course hehe like Pink Panther..;)

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  3. The question at end – i love that. Keep asking questions to ourself when we travel to a goal. When there is a goal defined the travels starts the moment you fix a time line for it. are we doing it right? are we at right timeline on the goal? more the questions we ask ourself and analyze errors and do corrections very soon the goal is acheived. IT helps. 😉 Beleive me 😊

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