Monday’s 13 MOTIVATION

To be productive, the employee must be motivated. His needs must be met in the way he expects. If the employer is able to use all the theories optimally, he can expect the workers to work optimally.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Понедельник 13 МОТИВАЦИЯ

Чтобы быть продуктивным, работник должен быть мотивирован. Его потребности должны быть удовлетворены так, как он ожидает. Если работодатель может использовать его, он может ожидать, что работники будут работать оптимально.

(илона пулианаускайте)

13 MOTIVATION du lundi

Pour être productif, l’employé doit être motivé. Ses besoins doivent être satisfaits comme il l’attend. Si l’employeur est capable d’utiliser toutes les théories de manière optimale, il peut s’attendre à ce que les travailleurs travaillent de manière optimale.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


27 thoughts on “Monday’s 13 MOTIVATION

  1. OMG Work Gives me
    HeART Burn so i
    Permanently Skip
    It and
    Ropes And Play
    iNstead heHe NoW
    i’m Very Fortunate
    Katrina won’t let me
    Do any of the House
    Wife Work as She is totally
    Married to it and thinks i am
    too imperfect to do as GooD oF A JoB as Her..
    So She Dominantly takes
    even have to
    Tie my Subordinate
    Hands this way With SMiLes..
    The only Times She Spanks me
    is when i am late For ‘Driving Miss Daisy’
    She can’t Drive
    ‘Cause of her
    So i Keep
    on ‘Driving Miss Daisy’..
    A Great Chauffeur i make
    A Better Maid Maiden She is..
    Our Relationship Works out ‘Perfect’
    as ‘We’ don’t ‘need’
    each other
    Much this way..
    i’m not sure why
    But i almost always end up smelling
    like ‘Roses’ no matter what.. haha..
    No ‘matter what’ i am planted ‘iN/aS’ heHe..;)

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