About Overthinking

Sometimes as humans we tend to think too much, which we then can’t control, we have more and more thoughts and it just makes us worry.

Don’t try to face it and push it out of your head. It doesn’t work this way.

Try to find some activity, something that you like, or something that is completely new, which could give you happiness or a new experience.

Plan your day, even if you are not able to follow it completely, remember, that it is okay to skip a few steps sometimes.

Try to find out what you are afraid of and then learn about it, the more you know, the less scared you will be.

Try to think logically and in a way that is clear to you.

Work with yourself, try to know yourself better, believe and trust yourself. There is no one who can do it but you. Maybe there is a person who can help you, who can inspire and push you forward. But there will be times when you will be alone with yourself and then you may be afraid of your own mind. This is the reason why you need to work on it on your own.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О переосмыслении

Иногда, как люди, мы склонны думать слишком много, что мы тогда не можем контролировать, у нас появляется все больше и больше мыслей, и это просто заставляет нас беспокоиться.

Не пытайтесь смириться с этим и выбросить его из головы. Это не работает таким образом.

Попробуйте найти какую-нибудь деятельность, что-то, что вам нравится, или что-то совершенно новое, что может принести вам счастье или новый опыт.

Планируйте свой день, даже если вы не можете полностью его соблюдать, помните, что иногда можно пропустить несколько шагов.

Постарайтесь выяснить, чего вы боитесь, а затем узнайте об этом, чем больше вы знаете, тем меньше вы будете напуганы.

Постарайтесь мыслить логически и так, чтобы вам было понятно.

Работай с собой, старайся лучше узнать себя, верь и верь себе. Никто не может это сделать, кроме вас. Может быть, есть человек, который может вам помочь, который может вдохновить и подтолкнуть вас вперед. Но будут времена, когда вы будете наедине с собой, и тогда вы будете бояться собственного ума. Это причина, почему вам нужно работать над этим самостоятельно.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Penser à propos de

Parfois, en tant qu’êtres humains, nous avons tendance à trop penser, ce que nous ne pouvons plus contrôler, nous avons de plus en plus de pensées et cela nous inquiète tout simplement.

N’essayez pas d’y faire face et de le pousser hors de votre tête. Cela ne fonctionne pas de cette façon.

Essayez de trouver une activité, une activité que vous aimez ou une activité complètement nouvelle qui pourrait vous donner du bonheur ou une nouvelle expérience.

Planifiez votre journée, même si vous n’êtes pas en mesure de la suivre complètement, mais souvenez-vous qu’il est normal de sauter parfois quelques étapes.

Essayez de découvrir ce qui vous fait peur, puis apprenez-en davantage sur le sujet. Plus vous en saurez, moins vous en aurez peur.

Essayez de penser de manière logique et claire.

Travaillez avec vous-même, essayez de mieux vous connaître, croyez-vous et faites-vous confiance. Il n’y a personne qui peut le faire, mais vous. Peut-être qu’il y a une personne qui peut vous aider, qui peut vous inspirer et vous faire avancer. Mais il y aura des moments où vous serez seul avec vous-même et vous pourrez alors avoir peur de votre propre esprit. C’est la raison pour laquelle vous devez travailler par vous-même.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


51 thoughts on “About Overthinking

  1. It wasn’t all that long ago that this was me in a nutshell. I still overthink but in a good way now. more about how I can help me or others. And at work, I do some but that is needed to make sure all bases are covered before I implement something.

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  2. Love this. I find planning my days out can have a significant impact on my ability to keep a clear mind. Even if I do miss a few steps, I still feel in control.

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  3. A Poetry Prompt of iMaGiNaTioN
    At Best We May Make Life All To Be
    All Through Dark and Light my FriEnd..
    SMiles i dont ‘Think’ Much These Days for
    the ReaSons of Solving Problems as i have
    So Few to Solve it’s True Solving Problems
    Naturally Puts Us in a ‘Bad
    Mood’ Until We Find
    The Solutions that’s
    Just How our Minds
    Work there is no
    Escaping that Journey
    of ‘Pain’ That potentially
    Leads to the Solution we NEED…
    With A Little Shot of Dopamine too..
    SMiLes Yes mY SMiLEs come from no
    Longer Thinking About Solving Problems So so
    Far and Few they are Between Now i Think Pink
    Like ‘Pink Panther’ Better Yet i do Purple and just
    Let iMaGiNaTioN Do All the Work Within as i am
    Just the Surface of the Ocean as mY iMaGiNaTioN
    Free in
    Essence as
    All Form of Arts
    i am Fortunate Enough to BRing
    in Dance And Song of Words and Steps
    Who knows maybe one day i Will Play
    A Piano Again but it is not the Same
    As Connecting Yes Collaborating
    With OTHeR Works of Arts and
    Sciences as i Play this
    Keyboard of Letters
    And Words of
    Song Now..
    As Co-Creational
    Activities CoMe to
    LiFE SMiLes mY FriEnd
    Never has THere Ever Been A
    Potential for a Heaven now maybe
    AnywHere in the UNiVerSE NoW WHere
    Humans no Longer have to Think to Live Solving Problems
    NoW Just Create And Paint More Than all the Colors oF aLL Air..
    And as Far as i Travel i’ll Let all the “Inspector Clouseau’s” continue
    on their Journeys of Solving All THeiR Problems WHeReAS mY SPiRiT
    mY HeART mY SoUL iN MiND And BoDY BaLanCE NoW ALReaDY
    FeeLS And SeNSES HoW mY iMaGiNaRiUM iS No LiMIT uP HiGH
    High Definition Screen
    High Definition HeART
    i’LL Take A Second iN SPiRiT oF
    HeART OCeAN WHoLE SoaRinG SoUL..:)

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      1. Than You For
        All 10 Thank You’s
        And particularly the
        ‘Oho!!’ In recognition of
        My typo.. hehe..
        And yes all
        10 Hugs from
        Ms. Hugs.. so
        Now what to
        Do for you.. Yes..
        Some more ‘Tsunami’
        Flow Words on your Newest Blog Posts as
        Visiting them Is
        A Very Fun
        Hobby for me
        i Thank You
        For your tireless
        Blogging Efforts
        Your Free Gift to
        The World You are
        A Wonderful
        Human Bring
        Ilona Ms. Hugs P..😁😇🤗


  4. I am sort of a concrete-sequential type of person so planning is a part of my life on a daily basis. Even though I am retired and primarily a writer with my newfound free time, I still enjoy having some type of blueprint to what my next project will be. Of course, there are times with something else inspires me to write.

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