I went to see Avengers Endgame this evening and it was so epic. It was the perfect finalisation for saga who took over a decade.

So many different feelings.. was funny, entertaining and so sad sometime. I don’t remember than i cryed that much for a movie since “Note Book”.

Some of the choice made can’t please everyone as Thor and Hulk but personnaly i loved them as they was. Hulk is actually like this in few comics. Captain america was awesome with the Mjolnir and Iron Man well you will see.

If you didn t saw it, you should go until ir will be on big screen you wont be disappointed. It might be the biggest box office of the history with barely 2 billions in 2 weeks and its well diserve. I love you 3000 guys.


69 thoughts on “AVENGERS ENDGAME (Spoil Alert)

      1. I went out for lunch just to do something different, the restaurant was packed, had to wait a while to get in. Otherwise I haven’t done much except sorting more stuff today. Taking longer than I thought. Now back to blogging again for a while.๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ธ

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  1. Epic film, really concludes the story arc and sets up the next round of films and I’m looking forward to the new twists it started
    Only thing I’m disappointed about is the lack of obvious story arc to link the new films, though less cliff hanging cut scenes would be nice for a bit!
    And Thor, when he speaks to his mother… Damn funny and really captures the way only a mother can speak to a child (no matter what age they are)

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  2. SMiLes Guardians of the Galaxies
    Are my Favorite Avengers Glad
    to See some of them in the
    Movie but i was hoping
    to See Groot the most
    by the way it’s
    ‘Secret’ don’t tell anyone
    but i’m really not the Hulk
    or Thor Really ‘i am Groot’..
    i Feel Everyone Else too is a Tree
    of Life.. not sure if they do though oh yeah.. Ilona
    Happy Mother’s Day.. not sure if you are a Mother
    of Two but no Matter What All Women are Mothers
    For they Nurture the Most the Virtue of Love in Humanity
    Therefore they Birth and Nurture Love And in this Way Adriana Grande
    is Correct Yes God is A Woman Most in How Women Nurture Love you
    know i miss my Mother
    today i Miss
    Her Soprano Voice
    Traveling all around our
    Neighborhood Block As Elementary
    Age Children Playing In the Mud Building
    Mud Cities as Her Voice Carried Clear as Day
    is Night all Around the Distance of that Neighborhood
    Block Just Singing to us it was Twilight And Dinner was
    Being Served Now.. Every Woman i’ve ever met i’ve looked at
    as Having the Loving Eyes of my Mother as it is impossible for
    me to Disrespect a Woman this way For Women i see as Sacred and Mother..:)

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  3. Hey I did just found a serious mistake in the Avengers Endgame. Maybe it might change the entire MCU forever go and read about it in my blog Avengers Endgame Gone Wrongโ€จhttps://theadityamali.wordpress.com/2019/05/15/avengers-endgame-gone-wrong/

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