Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much for nominating me, means a lot, guys please check this wonderful blog it is really nice and worth attention

7. Facts about me:

  1. I dont drink alcohol.
  2. I’m morning person.
  3. I eat lies then my heart is hungry.
  4. I cant focus in the messy environment.
  5. I like being me.
  6. I’m not in to fashion, but i like to play with clothes and to try different combination.
  7. I’m addicted to coffee chocolate and mangoes.

My nominations:


70 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations dear Ilona and always great to know more about you 😊 chocolate and coffee are great 😊 and unfair posting links like that 😌😌 but got my name so thank you loads for the kind nomination πŸ€—πŸ˜

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  2. SMiLes my Favorite You Describe Here
    is ‘i eat less and my Heart is Hungrier’
    hmm.. i had a Bad Cold and Lost my
    Sense of Smell and Hence my Sense of
    Taste too.. for an Entire Year in 2017
    it happened during the Solar
    Eclipse in the United States
    then like a total Eclipse
    of the Nose for
    me hehe..
    i noticed
    That my Feelings
    Really Expanded then
    as well as my other Senses
    too.. no pain no gain as ‘they’ say
    as one may see and hear more Truth
    when they are blind and deaf to Cultural Lies
    like most
    Enemy Money
    Where Power
    And Status may
    otherwise come from within
    instead of the God of Stuff too..
    oh God what was really difficult is when
    my Smell finally did come back during the
    Solar Eclipse of 2017 since i lost it Since the
    Spring of 2017 it came different and really Awful
    in a Sick and Sweet Way nothing really smelled Good
    and nothing really smelled Bad.. but it did smell and taste
    like something which sort of made me wish more for nothing
    Again but Eventually in another Year or so and even more it is
    pretty much
    what i remember
    it before i got sick
    hehe or will i ever really
    know and the lesson tHere again
    of course is Yes.. depending on Innate
    And Environmental Circumstances Now We
    Humans Feel and Sense the World Very Very
    Different one person could be walking down the
    Road in Heaven and the Other Person in Hell i see
    in Hell
    Just about
    every day i go out my Friend..:)

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      1. no Ilona, please, in the name of GOD, don’t nominate me… just allow me to be myself, getting what I want by stealing… just allow me to be bad…I know you will; thank you for your understanding

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