Collaboration post on Horrors of today’s world

I did collaboration with this great blogger, he did his part faster, well i know, i’m a turtle, thank you for your patience, make sure to check his blog here is the link i’m sure if you follow he will give you the follow back.

My View

There are multiple horrors in the world happening everyday. One of the worst is rape. So many women get attacked everyday, every minute and it can sound unrealistic but yes, almost every minutes. Someone rape can be completly destroy, traumatize for life. Sadly only 10% cases are reported to the authorities, i hope one day it will change and evolve and people wont stay in the silence anymore. Those animals have to be close in jail, in a cage. I know some people won’t like it but its my opinion, they simply don’t deserve to live.

People shouldn’t be scared to talk, because at the end it will be all benefit for them to be able to share their story, talk about their feelings and traumatised experience. It can be a way out, their is a lot of supporting group, psychologist or simply talk to a friend or family. The most important is to don’t keep all inside because it can be just worst and worst.

His View

Consent is very important when it comes to any type of physical contact. Physical contact that is made without consent is sexual harassment. This kind of harassment occurs in different places and you may think that the uneducated partake in such acts but it is the most educated that are often involved. In most cases of sexual harassment, the victim does not speak up. 

The reason because this silence is a result of embarrassment and feeling that no one would believe them. However we are seeing changes now with the advent of time. People now encourage victims to speak up. Not just for themself, but to save others from going through the same trauma.Digital media has helped massively in this case.

The best part is you can be anonymous online and share your story. When a group of people report incidents with the same person, that person is bound to be held responsible for his/her actions.Raising awareness of this issue is the core point of this post. God forbid of you ever are a victim or a witness to sexual harassment, please speak up.

You may not have the power to speak up at that very moment but do it whenever you can. Reach out to someone who you can trust and let them know. The time for predators is up. It is time for justice to be served by all means and we are the ones who will make sure it is.


21 thoughts on “Collaboration post on Horrors of today’s world

  1. I think this is a great subject that doesn’t get enough emphasis. My daughter was a victim of one of these animals, so I have very unique perspective on this. It has messed her up to an extent that I don’t think she will ever be able to have another meaningful relationship in her life. I pray for everyday. Thanks for doing this subject.

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      1. I wasn’t supposed to know about it. I didn’t find out until later. She and her sister tried to hide it from me. So yes it was doubly painful. No justice here. She didn’t report it as you describe in your post.

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      2. I can only imagine the emotions that she went through. What hurt was that she didn’t trust me enough to come to me for support. I felt like I didn’t do my job as a father to protect her or help her when she needed me most. One of those crosses we all carry of one sort or another.

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      3. I wouldn’t say even for my mum, specially for my dad, maybe for the best friend only, it is already difficult to talk about this subject and if i had experience i think i couldn’t even make a post about it..But you talked about it with her later right?

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  2. Great post and you both did a great job! This is a terrible thing that has happened much too often. I agree, these people who rape are animals and should be locked away for good and personally I also believe they don’t deserve to live. I caught a man raping a young girl, he ended up in jail for 10 months, I almost ended up with worse than he got. That poor girl, now a young woman, was traumatized terribly for a long time and likely will be for the rest of her life, although she has overcome it a lot. These things need stiffer penalties, it needs to stop.

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  3. Rape comes in so many forms in Life
    Taking Away someone’s Reproductive
    Freedom And Forcing their Reproduction
    on Someone Else in all the Ways that comes
    is one of the Worst
    Ways of Fear
    and Hate
    to take away
    the Humanity
    oF Freedom of
    Another Person Now..
    But True there are so many
    other ways our Full Human Freedoms
    are raped each day where we may be a
    Frog Boiling in Water and not realize
    why we are at close to the Boiling
    Point now.. When our Will
    to Be Free our Rights
    to Life and Liberty
    and Pursuits of
    Happiness when we harm
    no one else in deed we are
    Psychologically Raped this Way when these Rights
    Are taken away And this Slow Boil of Stress will take years
    off of our life and indeed even Kill us Early to be so far away
    A ‘Normal’
    Breathing Animal Alive in Peace
    And Harmony to both Struggle for
    Survival and Enjoy a Thrive of Life
    That Seems more like a Happy Dance and Song Now..:)

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