About Bad Emotions

Every time when i have bad feelings or emotions i go for physical activities, running, gym, swimming, yoga, i think soon i will look like Hulk😁

Please share your experience, what do you do when you have this kind of feelings?

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О плохих эмоциях

Каждый раз, когда у меня плохие чувства или эмоции, я занимаюсь физическими упражнениями, бегом, тренажерным залом, плаванием, йогой, думаю, скоро я буду выглядеть как Халко😁

Пожалуйста, поделитесь своим опытом, что вы делаете, когда у вас есть такие чувства?

(илона пулианаускайте)

De mauvaises émotions

Chaque fois que je me sent mal ou stresser, je vais faire des activités physiques, courir, à la gym, à la natation, au yoga, je pense que bientôt je ressemblerai à Hulk😁

S’il vous plaît partagez votre expérience, que faites-vous lorsque vous avez ce genre de sentiments?

(ilona pulianauskaite)


90 thoughts on “About Bad Emotions

  1. Hi again! For me, I like to just go out and spend time outside somewhere to enjoy the peace and calm of nature. Even right on my deck works well since so much of nature finds its way onto my deck. But just spending time out there and thinking about all the beauty in these little animals and any bad emotions or feelings quickly disappear. Thinking about all the beauty makes any bad feelings leave, and they are replaced with beautiful feelings instead. Works well for me anyway, maybe not for everyone.😄🌞💛 Hope you don’t turn into the Hulk!😂

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  2. I usually go “yoga off the mat” by saying ok I cannot do anything about that situation or person but what can I do, and I go a do them reclaiming my power, I wish to go back to yoga with the fiscal part of it but I am thankful for the other side of yoga life.

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  3. Hehe.. no you cannot be the Hulk only
    i will be the Real Hulk just kidding now
    of course i hope you become a Greater
    Hulk than me Ms. Hugs if that is what you Care to do..
    and that my Friend
    is a sign of Real
    Friendship when
    Kindness is only Platonic
    And Cooperative and not Competitive
    As People often Get when those Warmer
    Colors of Feelings come into the Picture
    How Beautiful it is just to Want Another
    Human to Grow until the Green Monster
    comes into play i am so Happy i am
    Growing Older and Less Attractive
    as Finally the Young Women in
    the Club are Starting to See
    me as Daddy Age instead
    (4 Decades makes
    Grandpa Age)
    of showing me
    the sign of
    the Cross when i tell
    them i am married hehe as i
    just came for a Solo Dance Anyway
    not there to steal any Kisses from Anyone
    at all.. do you know how difficult it is when
    a Woman Grabs you into their Arms and Looks
    Deep into Your Eyes for a Slow Dance Kiss you just
    Spiral Around out of their Grasp And Free Yourself in
    Bliss beyond Kisses
    but wait we are
    talking about
    Bad Blood aka
    Bad Emotions here…
    i will use Music like this
    When someone Hurts my Feelings
    as yes i am Human too and i am very
    Sensitive With Feelings too but i am not
    Afraid to Express those Feelings as i will
    Get Piping Hot Angry Like the Hulk And Fuel
    my Dance and Poses even more in the Energy
    that comes from that to release but keeping Bad or
    Even Good Emotions in is only a Path Straight to the
    Highway of Numb and Pain in Tension and Inflammation
    where even our Auto-Immune System will Attack us unless our
    Neo-Cortex does Properly Let us Experience Emotions all of them
    Dark and Light now just letting them go in both Dark and Light ways.. in
    Best where
    They Harm
    No one else as
    Dance And Song
    Naturally Regulates
    my Emotions Integrates my
    Senses as yes i Dance the Steps
    And Write the Song of the Spirit
    of my Heart as it is Set Free for a Mind
    and Body in Balance of Peace and Harmony
    more i love all the Colors of Emotions Dark through
    Light and from what i’ve seen my most Beautiful Poetry
    Will come
    from either
    Bliss the
    Same for
    Light Will be
    Expressed in Beauty of Dark too..:)

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    1. Also, I really need to be more physical when I am feeling negative as well. The science behind physical activity making you happier is too profound for me to lay around and eat bad food to feel better. Even though I don’t exercise much, I have an interest in dancing and I honestly love to do it so I will, hopefully, start some dancing classes soon 🕺

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  4. Dans ces moments, j’aime écouter l’une de mes musiques préférées. Quelques fois, je sort me balader.
    Je prie surtout afin d’avoir la lucidité sur ce qui ne vas pas.


  5. Veg out
    Pure leave it all behind and veg, but have to be careful not to pick the wrong thing because some of my fav shows are darkly humoured and realistic, so can trigger depressive episodes when I’m already vunerable
    Then reassessing the situations that caused me to be angry when my mind’s clearer and more clinical again

    If all else fails it’s the old ways, but they require a darker path and are not designed to be healthy
    They work, but don’t mean they healthy though!!

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  6. Hello there..
    I see you holding a cup of coffee in quite a few of your pics..

    Pls try black coffee with a little milk..

    No powdered milk or sweeteners, this may help revive your natural true emotions and possibly help lift any dulled down emotions, inwhich you are forced to struggle with..

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      1. No probs..

        You could help yourself naturally change, so so many unnaturall compounds..

        Inwhich may help release unnatural (strain) from within yourself, inwhich may help you to gain (create) natural well-being..

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      2. Did you no..

        Your body, actually gains a well deserved break, during when you sleep..

        I believe we actually contaminate and top up an existing chemical synthetic illness, during each and everyday..

        When we keep repeating this cycle each day, week, month and year which goes by..

        Our bodies slowly break..


  7. E Motions are Energy in Motion. Some constrict, and pull you within. Others expand, and can be explosive to whatever end they are aimed. Still others take us to a place of reverie and euphoria that defies explanation. Whatever the emotion, it is simply energy that needs to be expressed and put into motion. Get your Hulk on! Physical activity is a great way to use emotions in a constructive versus destructive manner.

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