This is a little pvc figure than mean a lot to me as it was a gift. I really love the details for a figure of this size. It represent Goku the hero of Dragon Ball Z exciting his famous attack “Kamehameha”. I love how simple things who can look like childish toys can give so much emotion and joy.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


Это маленькая фигура из пвх, которая много значит для меня, так как это был подарок. Я действительно люблю детали для фигуры такого размера. На нем изображен Гоку, герой Dragon Ball Z, захватывающий свою знаменитую атаку “Kamehameha”. Мне нравится, как простые вещи, которые могут выглядеть как детские игрушки, могут дать столько эмоций и радости.

(илона пулианаускайте)


Voici une petite figurine en pvc qui compte beaucoup pour moi étant un cadeau qui m’a était fais. J’adore les details qu’il y a pour une figurine de cette taille. Ca représente Goku le hero de Dragon Ball Z qui execute sa fameuse attack le “Kamehameha”. J’aime le fait que de simple chose qui peuvent semblé être des jouet d’enfant peuvent procurer tant d’emotion et de joie.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


23 thoughts on “Kamehameha

  1. Beautiful. 👌👌I was always eger to ask you a doubt which I kept postponing. Now I couldn’t handle more with the curiosity. Which are those other two languages other than English that you wrote here?🤔🤔

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  2. I have lots of little reminders like that, one of the most recent is a Lego man holding a flag
    I put him in my new flat when the paperwork bullshit was still going on, he stood there reminding me it was my space when there was no furniture and I was having ‘discusions’ with parties involved!
    And now the little figure reminds me that whatever happens; I have a sanctuary to return to each day

    Not as detailed or fancy as yours but we can’t all be cartoon nerds!!
    (Ps: in light of my ‘sense of humour’ causing offence lately, no offense intended.. even if I seem to cause a lot without trying!!)

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  3. Totems: Symbols/Emblems in Life We Find or Co-Create
    And Give and Share So Much Holy And Sacred Meaning
    And Purpose these Symbols/Emblems Become Part of our
    Emotions Our Senses Yes the Spirit of our Hearts Our Souls
    Come to Be Larger With These Power-Ups Assisting our Emotions
    And Senses to Rise up even more with
    A Little
    From our Friends..
    That Are Symbols True..
    SMiLes.. Ms. Hugs i had
    Scores of Super Hero Figurines
    on my Desk until Wife Katrina said
    give ’em a Rest she was tired of Dusting
    Them off now their Home is A Bag somewhere
    One day i Will successfully invite Katrina to Air them
    Out Meanwhile without
    Any Comic Book
    Super Heroes on
    my Desk to Muse me
    as you know i have no
    Choice but to Develop my
    Super Normal Skills of Poetry
    of Dance And Become my own
    Hero until the Super Heroes come back One Day..;)


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