About Truth

The truth is, what most people hide, fear or do not want to say, for some reason. The truth tells, how brave you are.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О правде

Правда в том, что ты хочешь сказать по какой-то причине. Правда говорит о том, какой ты храбрый.

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos de la vérité

La vérité est que, pour une raison quelconque, la plupart des gens cachent, craignent ou ne veulent pas dire. La vérité dit à quel point tu es courageux.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


22 thoughts on “About Truth

  1. Good morning Ilona! That’s absolutely right, people seem to fear or won’t say the truth. That’s a good thought, that truth tells how brave a person is! Great thought for starting the day, hope your day is going well!😃🌞😺


  2. There is Positive And Negative
    Love and Empathy in the World
    for the Neurohormone Oxytocin Gives
    us the Warm Comfortable Feelings of Affection
    And Connection Amongst Us and Animal too..
    Problems can and will be
    When it comes to the
    Truth as Truth is
    Mostly A concept
    iN Words
    And Love is
    A Feeling First
    And Foremost to Hold/Feel
    Within it is like the Group Think
    of Church Goer’s somedays where
    they may profess they Respect Life
    from Birth To Death Yet their Actions
    do not represent their Words as they Cheer
    And Applaud when ‘someone’ Suggests We should
    Shoot Poor Immigrants Seeking Asylum Coming Across
    Our Border and then they even Jeer and Laugh in a Common
    Bond and Bind of a Totem Dude named Trump.. True Humans
    Have the Potential
    of even
    Misery Loves
    Company more than
    Joy Loves Happy Love more now..:)


  3. I was brave enough to tell but has become so weak. Fear always stays in the mind to loose something who is your loved one. So now I will think million time before I speak truth. Speaking truth is not hard but tolerating its consequences are very very hard.


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