About Sun

Enjoy the sun, because you never know when it will get cloudy again❤️

(Ilona Pulianauskaite)

О Солнце

Наслаждайтесь солнцем, потому что вы никогда не знаете, когда оно снова станет облачным.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

À propos du soleil

Profitez du soleil, car vous ne savez jamais quand se sera nuageux à nouveau.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “About Sun

      1. Yay, end of the week for you, always good. My day was great, guess I’m still flying from yesterday!😁 Muffin seems extra sleepy today, she must have been awake a lot last night.😂😹

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      2. Yes, I have been reading a lot, too much maybe, I think my eyes are starting to spin! Check my first post today, it went well with your post on about life and I didn’t even plan it that way.😄😁

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  1. “Enjoy the sun, because you never know when it will get cloudy again❤️”
    SMiLes Color Your Soul With the Poetry of Dance And Song Paint
    All the BLack And White And Shades of Grey Beyond Rainbow
    Colors of Steps and Words Yes
    Move Your Soul
    As Poetry
    Dance Your
    Song As Colors
    Move Your Body
    Spring out of Winter Now
    Ever More Summer Always
    Falling out of Fall More for True
    We Humans Will Color our Life with
    the Most Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises
    Within only with a Brush Yes the Canvas
    of Our Eyes Alight Beyond Rainbow Colors
    of Twilight Never Ending Now.. Masterpiece Painting More
    Or You Could Just Look Up and Find Angels in all the Feathered Clouds
    of Wings as You soar a bit Higher than the Sun Below the Moon…AliVE
    SMiLes there are no
    Seasons or Colors
    in Poetry of
    And Song
    No Weather Or
    Clouds or Sun that
    We will not Paint Moonfull
    With Feathers of Angel Wings..
    Meanwhile Folks who Live in Deserts Hope For Rain..
    While Angels Continue to Fly Higher in Paradise they Co-Create..:)

    Smiles Ms. Hugs Just getting Colored Properly for
    Thursday Night Metro Dance.. 261st Week coming tonight..
    Yes.. the Dance Hall is my Church Congregation of Joy Light More..:)


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