About Gratitude

It’s not bad to want more in life, to have goals and dreams, and we should always give our best for it, but its important also to be grateful for what we have, to appreciate the life we have when we know others have much less and sometime nothing at all sadly.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О благодарности

Неплохо хотеть большего в жизни, иметь цели и мечты, и мы всегда должны стараться изо всех сил, но важно также быть благодарными за то, что мы имеем, ценить жизнь, которую мы имеем, когда мы знаем, что у других намного меньше а иногда вообще ничего не печально.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la gratitude

Il n’y a pas de mal de vouloir plus dans la vie, d’avoir un but et des rêves, et on devrai toujours le meilleur de nous meme pour réussir, mais il est important aussi d’être reconnaissant pour ce que l’on a, d’apprécier la vie qu’on a quand on sait que d’autre on beaucoup moins et parfois malheureusement n’ont rien du tout.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


28 thoughts on “About Gratitude

  1. That’s right Ilona, we indeed need to be grateful for what we have, so many don’t have anything. All too often people will complain about not having enough, when really we have so much. We truly should appreciate our life that we have today, it could change overnight. Wonderful thought Ilona, thanks for sharing that tonight. I hope you have a peaceful night Ilona! Take care.🙂💛😺

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  2. Very true! People often get caught up with all the material things in life and forget the importance of human connection and expressing love. Some of the poorest people can find happiness in having nothing at all! We sit and complain about our cell phones dying, when on the other side it’s people’s children that are dying from things such as starvation, nutrition deprivation, sickness, general poverty, and forced labor. We need to have gratitude, and not forget how blessed we are, even if we are facing tough struggles. At any point in our life, essentially we will always have more than another person in some way, shape, or form- but that doesn’t give us the right to ignore the people with less, or shame the people with more.

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