Comment of The day, About Gratitude Very true! People often get caught up with all the material things in life and forget the importance of human connection and expressing love. Some of the poorest people can find happiness in having nothing at all! We sit and complain about our cell phones dying, when on the other side it’s people’s children that are dying from things such as starvation, nutrition deprivation, … Continue reading Comment of The day, About Gratitude

About Truth

The truth is, what most people hide, fear or do not want to say, for some reason. The truth tells, how brave you are. (ilona pulianauskaite) О правде Правда в том, что ты хочешь сказать по какой-то причине. Правда говорит о том, какой ты храбрый. (илона пулианаускайте) À propos de la vérité La vérité est que, pour une raison quelconque, la plupart des gens cachent, … Continue reading About Truth


This is a little pvc figure than mean a lot to me as it was a gift. I really love the details for a figure of this size. It represent Goku the hero of Dragon Ball Z exciting his famous attack “Kamehameha”. I love how simple things who can look like childish toys can give so much emotion and joy. (ilona pulianauskaite) Kamehameha Это маленькая … Continue reading Kamehameha

About Gratitude

It’s not bad to want more in life, to have goals and dreams, and we should always give our best for it, but its important also to be grateful for what we have, to appreciate the life we have when we know others have much less and sometime nothing at all sadly. (ilona pulianauskaite) О благодарности Неплохо хотеть большего в жизни, иметь цели и мечты, … Continue reading About Gratitude

Comment of Day from the post About Life

Live, because you never know.. I don’t know whether I was in between life and death… but one incident shocked me… I was talking to my friends(facing them) ,an auto rickshaw came from behind… I saw it but I thought I’m safe.. my right foot was in the path of auto rickshaw.. it went over a small part of my foot and I couldn’t … Continue reading Comment of Day from the post About Life

About Sun

Enjoy the sun, because you never know when it will get cloudy again❤️ (Ilona Pulianauskaite) О Солнце Наслаждайтесь солнцем, потому что вы никогда не знаете, когда оно снова станет облачным. (ilona pulianauskaite) À propos du soleil Profitez du soleil, car vous ne savez jamais quand se sera nuageux à nouveau. (ilona pulianauskaite) Continue reading About Sun