The statue who got me into collecting

Here is Goku by Medicos, its a pvc figure, one of the last i got before i turn completely into a collector of big statues. The representation of Goku is just perfect, details and paint are amazing. Also its not a little figure, this one is over 25cm it was my biggest at this moment and it gave me the passion of this hobby. I will never have enough of this Goku i appreciate this statue as the first day i bought it.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Статуя, которая заставила меня собирать ГОКУ

Вот Гоку от Medicos, это фигура из пвх, одна из последних, которую я получил, прежде чем полностью превратился в коллекционера больших статуй. Представление Goku просто идеально, детали и краски потрясающие. Кроме того, это не маленькая фигура, эта более 25 см, она была моей самой большой на данный момент, и это дало мне страсть к этому хобби. Мне никогда не хватит этого Гоку, я ценю эту статую как первый день, когда я ее купила.

(илона пулианаускайте)

La statue qui m’a fait collectionner

Voici Goku de Medicos, une figure en PVC, un des derniers que j’ai eu avant de devenir un collectionneur de grandes statues. La représentation de Goku est juste parfaite, les détails et la peinture sont étonnants. Aussi, ce n’est pas une petite figurine, celle-ci mesure plus de 25 cm, c’était ma plus grande en ce moment et c’était la passion de ce loisir. Je n’aurai jamais assez de ce Goku. J’apprécie cette statue dès le premier jour où je l’ai achetée.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


19 thoughts on “The statue who got me into collecting

  1. Cool statue Ilona! You have such a wonderful collection. I can see how this one would really get your passion for collecting started. I really like the big ones you have and they are all so well done too! Enjoy them all! Have a great evening!😃😺🌙

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  2. SMiLes Ms. Hugs i found
    Goku (the Statue) in
    A Bookstore
    And Put a Photo
    of Him on not the
    Current one but
    the Last Blog Post..
    As i Believe He was the
    one you highlighted in
    the Video on Your Instagram Site
    As You Had Him All Lit up for Display..:)

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  3. Hehe.. i think i just made
    Small Talk With You
    in other
    i didn’t
    try to Save
    the World in Words.. hAHA..
    My Only Super Powers Are Words
    And Steps of Song And Dance.. And
    Yes i am Super Normal but No Not Super Human..;)

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