Joker And Batman

This is my second collaboration with Rob, here is his blog check it out guys, is very unique here you go

For each day, there is a night.  For each hero, there is a villain.  For The Batman, there is The Joker. The Joker’s origin goes way back to April 25, 1940.  He appeared in Batman comics #1, and forever sealed his place as The Dark  Knight’s eternal foe.  His likeness is based on Conrad Veidt’s character  “Gwynplaine” from the 1928 film “The Man Who Laughs”.   

Both  Gwynplaine and The Joker are disfigured in their roles, and both are tragic figures.  The Joker, who was normal until falling into a vat of acid, becomes a homicidal psychopath after surviving his bath of acid.  (As a side note, I find it interesting that many people have a fear of clowns.  Maybe this also inspired the artists behind The Joker?)
Forever tormented, and full of anger and vengeance, The Joker continued to destroy The Batman as much as he could, even killing Robin, Batman’s sidekick.
As much as he is reviling, he’s an excellent character, and one of the best villains ever to have been created in the comic world.

Batman as been created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, he was one of the first famous super hero with superman. Since it been tone of adaptation, tv show, movies, animated series about him.It follow the story of Bruce Wayne, a rich man who lost his parents murdered in front of him at a young age. Then he decided to become a defendor of Ghotam city.He actually don’t have superpower, his power is to be rich what allowed him to have amazing suit, gadget, high tech weapon. Also he follow an intense training and got great abilities.


28 thoughts on “Joker And Batman

  1. Very good, nice to learn a bit more about these old comics and the history behind them, how they started out. I have always enjoyed these comics, Batman was one of my favorites. Great post! Hope your day is going well Ilona!๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒž


  2. Hehe.. When my Eyes Get Green My Teeth Really Get
    Mean And my Face Grows Howling Long i will
    Scare the Bejesus Even out of Jack Nicholson.. hehe..
    the Picture Below is only G-Rated the Really Scary Face
    is only
    Audiences hAhe.. (No one
    has ever seen me truly angry
    but me.. seriously it would
    turn someone into a Pillar
    of Salt Haha.. as metaphor)
    Anyway.. Back to the Topic
    of the Joker at Hand and Batman
    Wonder.. Which Now one Would Win
    A Presidential Election.. Yes For Leader
    of the Free World.. Just Lie.. And Smile
    Real Big hehe.. Be Confident Break All
    The Rules You Care to Do.. Yes Fearless Helps
    too.. or at least the Appearance of it like a Faux
    Smile False.. And Voila 2019… Here We Are ‘the Joker’
    is in Charge
    and of
    course there
    are many Minions
    Following that most
    Despicable ‘Orange Leader’ too..
    With Yes the Big Joker Grin.. Well.. Yes.. It’s
    True as even Some Science Attempts do show
    there really isn’t much Separating An Altruistic
    Hero from a Villain with Little to no Empathy or
    Even Conscience about Harming others at all Free
    for Fall is what we might Call that Straight to Hell
    for all those Who Follow and Fall into the Lair of a
    Villain.. Yes.. A Human Who Breaks the Rules who may
    at least Present an Air of Fearless.. who Yes never ever
    Gives up on their Mission Straight to Hell too.. just taking
    Anyone Prisoner foolish enough to see a Faux Grin For a Real
    Smile Now.. Where Truth Becomes Lies and Lies Become Truth
    Where Life is Gaslighted to an entire other View of Faux Reality
    now too… Truly though it is true too Altruistic Heroes as even
    Apes studied in the Wild are Full of Empathy where they Will
    Hardly Separate themselves from the Rest of the Feeling Needs
    of the other Apes even the Weaker ones they Care to provide a
    Strong Arm up of Love and sure they will Break the Rules for
    the Common Greater Good too.. do they ever Give up.. well
    of Course no..
    Even Caesar
    From the
    Planet of the
    Apes the Good Alpha
    Ape Proves this to be True too..
    And sure These Folks are Really Fearless
    The Real Heroes the Warriors who Will Give
    Their Lives to Save the Least Among us from Certain Death…
    True they might
    Trick ya but it will
    Most always Be for
    Treat instead of Harming You now.
    Note: that is my ‘Pet Tiger’ in the Back
    of my SUV in this Photo.. there is no Room for him
    in my Honda Civic EX Coupe.. He is Currently Sleeping in one of
    my Bedrooms that i never show on my Blog he is my Secret Weapon too.. HeHe.. no
    Get out
    in one Peace..;)

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