About Middle Finger

I never understood, whats the point of showing it and who find out the meaning of it? 😂

The History of the Middle Finger

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О среднем пальце

Я никогда не понимал, какой смысл показывать это и кто выясняет смысл этого?😂

(илона пулианаускайте)

À propos du doigt du milieu

Je n’ai jamais compris, quel est le point de le montrer et qui en découvre le sens?😂

(ilona pulianauskaite)


76 thoughts on “About Middle Finger

      1. Hmm, I’m not sure why someone would do it to me, usually it’s because people are mad that they do it, I can’t remember anyone ever doing it to me, but it’s possible and I just don’t remember.🤔😀


      1. Kids love to play as grown ups. If they see that to their parents or whoever older than them they are gonna do it for sure. So that’s the cycle. It’s not gonna stop.


  1. The ‘Dirty Bird’ AKA known
    as a Fingered Sign Language
    of Sex is a Shadow Part of our
    Nature that most Every Human Will
    Relate to as the Fight and Flight for Life
    And Reproduction is part of our Oldest Reptile
    Brain so Basically What You are Seeing when someone
    Does this to
    You they
    are attempting
    to awaken Your
    Dragon Shadow
    Brain and
    with a Natural
    Act of Sex you are
    not asking for yes it
    is in deed like Finger Rape
    for those who intend it in the
    Most Vigorous Way of Disrespecting
    Another Human Being now.. my Wife gave
    me one of these after Giving me Her Tongue
    And the Peace Sign yes then the Dirty Bird Fingering
    it to me as she used the Palm of Her Hand to wash
    the Back Window of our Honda Civic EX Coupe at
    the Car Wash.. actually i was only attempting
    mostly to get Photos of Her Bending over
    as no longer do i have
    Yellow Boy
    as the
    Star Attraction
    of Cuteness on my
    Blog so Wife Katrina
    is Currently Taking his
    Place and Friend Himali
    is on Social Media Break Attending
    to Work Place Challenge we will Always
    Adapt to Struggles and Persevere for it is True
    Our Shadows will get out of Control if we do not
    Control all the Dirty Birds of Life.. Yes the Bird Finger
    is one of the most commonly understand bits of sign
    Language as Sex is what gets us here in the First and Last place too.
    Katrina is just too cute for the Dirty Bird to look Serious on her..
    she could
    Nose and
    be Just as Cute..
    ever notice how
    some folks are like that hehe..;)

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  2. i could find no clear reason of why giving the “finger” became so “famous.” it just a way to show someone our opinion of how stupid they were. i guess humans have the need to express themselves in all types of feelings and emotions.
    but why waste energy trying to figure this out and just know if you see it or use it, people will know the meaning. lol

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  3. It’s the occasionally required method of demonstrating to a prize idiot that they need to bleep off and shut up
    If ignored you end up using the bleeping idiots detached middle to highlight why they should taken notice!

    But I’m a happy calm person with no negative emotional states, so wouldn’t know anything about it!!

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