About Life

Have you ever been between life and death? People who did usually see the life completely differently after that, almost like a reborn. We appreciate the most simple things and see the true beauty of this world, live fully our life and enjoy every moment of it. Why do we need to had so drastic experience to open our eyes, to start to live. We should wake up by ourself and realise how precious is our life.

But don’t forget the best is to never have those kind of terrible experience, i don’t wish it to anyone no matter the effect.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Про жизнь

Вы когда-нибудь были между жизнью и смертью? Люди, которые обычно видели жизнь после этого совершенно по-другому, почти как переродившиеся. Мы ценим самые простые вещи и видим истинную красоту этого мира, полностью живем своей жизнью и наслаждаемся каждым ее моментом. Зачем нам нужен такой радикальный опыт, чтобы открыть глаза, начать жить. Мы должны проснуться сами и понять, насколько драгоценна наша жизнь.

Но не забывайте, что лучше всего никогда не иметь такого ужасного опыта, я не желаю этого никому, независимо от эффекта.

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de la vie

Avez-vous déjà vécu entre la vie et la mort? Les gens qui ont vu la vie complètement après, ont presque l’impression de renaître. Nous apprécions les choses les plus simples et voyons la vraie beauté de ce monde, vivons pleinement notre vie et en apprécions chaque instant. Pourquoi devons-nous avoir une expérience aussi radicale pour ouvrir nos yeux, commencer à vivre? Nous devrions nous réveiller par nous-mêmes et réaliser à quel point notre vie est précieuse.

Mais n’oubliez pas que le mieux, c’est de ne jamais vivre ce genre d’expérience épouvantable. Je ne le souhaite à personne, peu importe l’effet recherché.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


40 thoughts on “About Life

  1. You are absolutely right Ilona! We should wake up and see the beauty of life around us without needing such an experience. There is so much about life to enjoy, even in all the simple things around us, so much beauty, life itself is so beautiful, we should always be grateful for our life and everything. Wonderful post to start the day! Thank you Ilona!😃🌞💛😺

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  2. I don’t know whether I was in between life and death… but one incident shocked me… I was talking to my friends(facing them) ,an auto rickshaw came from behind… I saw it but I thought I’m safe.. my right foot was in the path of auto rickshaw.. it went over a small part of my foot and I couldn’t even realize it..(I was talking with friends).. later it was paining that too not much… then I realised ohhh.. it was the auto rickshaw… I was afraid…what if I get some fracture ? …now it’s been 4 months and I’m fine… actually I was fine the very next day…and it didn’t pain there further…

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  3. SMiLes my FriEnd Ilona.. Death is a Difficult Subject to Peruse for many
    People as obviously one day we will all meet this Fate.. however the
    Beauty in all the Darkness of Death is
    We Still Live even
    are but
    a Breath Away
    from Death.. it was difficult for
    me to watch my only Child Suffer for
    51 Days but yes truly it was a Blessing
    for Him to Go in Peace in my Arms no
    Longer Hooked up to Modern Science
    And the so-called Miracle of Extending Pain
    51 days.. watching my Mother Go Without Food or
    Drink for her Wish for no Tubes to be hooked up to her..
    was painful yes for the reality was She Starved to Death
    Without Food or Drink For Eight Whole Days Eight Whole Days
    Usually Three is the Most but some have Stronger Hearts Built Like
    my Mother through Love and Tenderness And Hardships in Dark that
    Build the Will For Survival Beyond all other Human Instincts to Just Live.. When Our Cat Recently got Sick
    Yellow Boy he Never Knew the
    Full Struggle of Death he
    Didn’t have to..
    we put him
    under the
    of Surgery with
    Gas First and sure
    he Never came out of
    ‘that operation’ alive as we never
    do on this Earth with the Same Flesh
    And Blood at Least.. Even Science Suggests
    these days that it is not only possible but likely
    a Much Greater Intelligence has designed us and
    is in control of the Life we Are in.. hmm.. sounds a
    lot like Biblical Accounts of God.. but of course Science
    Uses Different Words Like Placebo Effect For Prayers that
    Work and even puts So-Called Incurable Disease into Remission
    for a lifetime of ease.. as you mentioned before Technology in General
    is a double Edged Sword but Death is only a one-edged Sword and Life is the other Edge
    Where the
    The More We
    See the Sword of
    Death if we have any
    Common Sense at least
    We Understand We All Bleed
    the Same We all Breathe The Same
    why not tolerate the differences and just love and live..
    Lions Do it With Courage of Heart Tigers do it with Eyes of No Fear
    Both Fight For Life Both Love For Life Both Suckle the Love of Mother
    And both
    as we
    do as well
    Either with the Heart
    and Courage of the Lion
    And the Eye of the Tiger
    or Cowardly
    to be who we are
    And Love Free Breathing
    Every Breath of Life as Gift
    Together in Peace and Harmony.
    SMiLes my FriEnd Love That is Truly Real Never
    Dies Now Always
    On Now in
    Loved Ones Eyes🌷🌺😇🤗😁

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  4. Chere amie Ilona
    Tu es une de mes amis(es) et lecteurs les plus fidèles à mon site et à mon art.
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    Voilà le mot de passe pour visualiser l’article:
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