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I did collaboration with Blaine and seems my partner knows much more about it, check his blog, very interesting and worth attention

World War II (1939-1945) was a scary time for the United States.  There was no guarantee the U.S. and our allies would win the war. 

When the war started the U.S. had a smaller army than the country of Portugal, and more horses than motor vehicles!  Our brave men fighting the war needed all the support and motivation they could get to help them win.  What could help motivate them?  How about a comic book?

The first issue of Captain America came out in March of 1941.  A fictional, patriotic, super soldier who fought against the Nazis and other Axis powers.  His origin was also an inspiration. 

The story of a nobody who rose to greatness.  His name was Steve Rodgers.  He was appalled by the Nazi aggression and Hitler’s rise to power, so he attempted to enlist in the Army, but was rejected because he was so frail.  A scientist, who was creating an experimental serum to create a super soldier, found out about him and figured he’d make the perfect test subject. 

The experiment was a success, giving Rodgers super strength, agility, stamina and intelligence.  The scientist was killed by a Nazi spy, taking his secrets of how the serum was created to the grave, therefore Captain America was guaranteed to be one of a kind!  His successful battles against the Nazis against all odds were a great motivation to our fighting forces.
Another thing I find fascinating about his story is I bet this type of experimentation was really going on. As far as we know a super soldier was never created, but I’m sure scientist were looking into all possibilities to give our soldiers an edge in battle.   

Captain America as been created in 1940, during world war 2. He was the symbol of patriotism in America. It follow.the story of stevens rogers, young boy full of bravour and motivation but without a great phisical condition to achieve what he would like to, until he ve been the cobaye of an experimental serum who changed him to make him much stronger. The perfect american soldier.


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