About Nonsense

When someone is talking to you and they say nonsense, just say some nonsense back is only one way to understand each other😁

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О чепухе

Когда кто-то разговаривает с вами и говорит глупость, просто скажите, что какая-то ерунда в ответ – это только один способ понять друг друга…

(илона пулианаускайте)

A propos de bêtise

Quand quelqu’un vous parle et qu’il dit des bêtises, il suffit de dire qu’une bêtise en arrière n’est qu’un moyen de se comprendre.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


48 thoughts on “About Nonsense

      1. Yes.. Making Sense out
        of Non-Sense is actually
        An Art called ‘Chaos Magic’
        You can Google
        it.. IT is
        is kinda
        Cool but of
        course it requires
        NO instruction at all
        for it is all in the ART of
        doing it.. Instruction is SCIENCE..
        But a Google Search ‘sort of’
        Describes it ‘good’ enough..
        i didn’t find a Label
        for it until long
        after i intuitively
        Starting doing it..
        meh.. like most stuff i do.. hehe..;)

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      2. HeARTisT
        60 Percent
        Of heART
        Is Literally
        Rest is Science
        Just Like smART..
        And Even EartH
        This is Chaos Magic
        When Non-Sense
        Makes Meaning
        No Different
        How God
        Personally Speaks
        To Us Through
        Or what
        The Old
        Bible calls ‘Signs’
        God’s ReaLiTy
        Free is
        All Art
        Over Science
        In Reality as
        Science is an
        We CreAte
        To Attempt
        To Bring
        To the
        Reality of
        God’s Dreamtime
        That may be
        As A
        Truer Reality..
        For those who
        Put Science
        Up into the
        Eternal Now
        Of Dreamtime
        The River Flow
        Of Escaping our
        Neo-Cortex into A
        Transient Hypo-Frontality

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