About Life

Instead of trying to find the meaning of life, try to live it meaningfully.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Про жизнь

Вместо того, чтобы пытаться найти смысл жизни, постарайтесь жить осмысленно.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

A propos de la vie

Au lieu d’essayer de trouver le sens de la vie, essayez de la vivre de manière significative.


27 thoughts on “About Life

  1. “Instead of trying to find the meaning of life,
    try to live it meaningfully.”

    SMiLes Ms. Hugs AKA Ilona P. People can be so so so silly
    i’ve Heard People Say the Universe and Nature doesn’t Care
    Ha! EVEN ‘Scientists’ who Already Admit We are Star Stuff
    And the UNiVeRSE too.. THeRe is Simple Proof WE CARE
    WE ARE THE UNIVERSE We are Nature By God Even
    the Old Timey Bible Clearly States Our Physical
    Forms are Temples of God Holding God
    Within Secure too.. Yes the UNiVerSE
    And GOD AND NATURE Create Holy
    And Sacred Meaning and Purpose in
    Life for we are Frigging Human and
    the Universe and Nature and God oh my
    Goodness don’t we understand that even when
    we take a Crap without ‘Diapers’ We Feed the Little
    Creatures of the Earth.. same as when we eat a ‘Holy Cow’
    Nature Consumes Nature no disrespect to Indians i couldn’t
    Even Kill a Fly Either Katrina has to Kill a Roach if they ever find
    their way into our Well Sealed Home.. Always Clean of course only
    Thanks to Katrina hehe.. Everything about Existence now is Joined at
    the Hips and Hands.. Yes.. in terms of Reproduction and Friendship
    too.. hehe.. It’s True We Can Have Holy Cows and Holy Shit to feed
    the Little and Big Creatures of the Earth too.. hehe.. in fact we as
    Humans have the Potential to make all of Life Dark thru Light
    Holy and Sacred Full of Meaning and Purpose but we don’t
    have to even Look for it if we like we can/will create it all
    ourselves but true it helps to have a little Help
    from Friends.. Holding Hands and yes
    having a
    is nice
    too for a bit
    of Fringe Benefits too hehe..
    Yes.. like someone to Clean the Home (House Wife).. etc…
    Terminators for Killing Roaches the list goes on and on..
    You know it’s funny Ilona People have thought i am
    Trying to Impress someone else when i write like
    this steal someone’s Thunder or show off when
    i Dance in Public i am not Waiting For Heaven
    After Death i Believe This is Heaven now
    And i Make this Heaven now through
    Effortless Art of Sweat of Forehead
    And Blood of Still Pumping Feeling
    Sensing HeART.. Meanwhile while
    i make every Step and Word i do
    as Holy and Full of Sacred
    Meaning And Purpose
    in Life Always
    my Human
    Now Yes..
    some folks
    Willingloy Put
    it off until death
    F that ha! yes Fun
    that Fred That i make my MY
    Heaven now.. and online people
    can just turn my Heaven off with the on
    and off switch if they neither wanna see it or
    Be any Part of it.. this works best no one has to
    go to the Trouble of Erasing me by Crucifying this Dude in Heaven at least.. and as far as the Public Dance goes when i see Frowns coming
    i just move into the Apparel Racks and enjoy the Forest there out
    of the Middle Open Aisle where the Living and Dead Trees of
    Life as the UniVerse walk through either skipping about or
    Dragging their tired feet by…. to buy some more Walmart
    Crap to Feed the Birds A Wish of Heaven after Death then
    (Or GoLDeN Retirement from Being a Slave to Money) Now
    not my
    Heaven now..
    for i For one MAKE
    IT REAL NOW. (‘Camel
    through the eye of a Needle’
    Where Do folks get the idea that
    God is a Welfare God doling out
    Heaven After Death for doing no
    more than just reciting a Verse in a Book)
    Ain’t no one gonna get to Heaven Now just by Reading my ‘Bible’ either
    they will have to Make Heaven Happen As All do by Co-Creating Heaven Now.. they are gonna be really pissed if ‘Jesus’ ever comes back and tells
    them that again.. i doubt he will tell anyone who he really is as ain’t no
    way any
    PeRSoN’ would
    Get Crucified again..
    i bet he would come like
    A ‘Bat Man Dancer’ in the Night hehe..
    A Global Blog Bible too big to see might EvenTuAlly Work
    too.. True the Poor and Ignorant Masses are always looking
    for a ‘Super Hero’ other than themselves.. where the Heavy
    one word
    and a step
    that eventually
    turns into the
    Heaven of a Never
    Ending Dance and Song..
    but of course that’s just one way to get
    to Heaven there are more ways than
    Dancing with the Stars in the Sky..;)


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