About Friendship (collaboration) with Steve https://stevescountry.com

Friendship is a wonderful part of life. Friends can help to build us, encourage us, challenge us, give us advice. True friendship is built on trust. It can span different ages.

True friendship can be between a man and a woman as well. There are many different kinds of friendships with people who are around us in our daily lives. There are casual friends, people we know but don’t necessarily spend a lot of time with.

There are close friends, generally just a few people that we enjoy spending more time with, those who have a bigger impact in our lives. Then there are special friends, perhaps only one or two that we are especially close to, who we can talk with about very personal or private things. These are people we can really trust and love, we know they won’t laugh when we discuss things or go around telling others about the things we talked about. 

True friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. When you can open your heart and share about any of your feeling trouble or hapiness with a trusted friend. When you have someone to count on in any situation.

When you give without waiting in return. But true friendship is also very rare. Sometime we want it so bad than we close our eyes in front of the reality. But only trusted honest person deserve your friendship, when someone use you or betray you and disapoint you too many time, better open your eyes and choose the right person on your side. Better be lonely than with bad friends.


55 thoughts on “About Friendship (collaboration) with Steve https://stevescountry.com

  1. And that’s why I only have family. πŸ™‚ Had too many experiences of friends backstabbing or choosing the ‘wrong’ side as it were. Still, the people I do have in my life are worth it.

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      1. I ‘broke’ up with most of my friends in high school. They were not good influences and didn’t really care about me. I had one friend after that try to reenter my life, but it seemed only genuine on my side. It is incredibly scary to make new friends with those experiences in the back of my mind.

        I am sorry you don’t have any family either, but at least us bloggers seem to stick together. πŸ™‚

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