Humanity begins with pity and compassion (collaboration)

I did so many collaboration posts with Steve, because it goes very fast, the work can be done in very short time, check his blog if you didn’t yet

What is true humanity? There can be different definitions for this word, but one is; kind feelings, sympathy and benevolence toward other people. This is where pity comes in. Pity does not mean that one person is better than another. Just because someone is going through some hard times does not mean they are any less of a person than someone doing well in life.

We need to be showing pity for those less fortunate. Pity means showing sympathy for others who are suffering through grief or hard times. It means to be compassionate of those who are less fortunate, by helping them and encouraging them. It means to share with those who need help so they can have the same opportunities as others.

I believe those day people loosing some humanity with time. Instead than helping people in the need we watch them from high. Focusing on pointless things, material and useless. We should give more of our person to help the one in trouble.

We can see terrible things on tv to the news, war, killing, childs dying from famine but it dosn t stop our appetite. We just use to terrible things and sadly don t care anymore. It should change. We should all open our eyes and fight for the right things. To help people without waiting anything in return, to be just good and human.


27 thoughts on “Humanity begins with pity and compassion (collaboration)

  1. Steve, I would like to tell everyone who reads your Blog that I am just having a bit of fun with you. I do take your subject here very seriously. I am one who has needed some compassion and help in my life and I am very great full to those that took the time to take an interest and to offer a helping hand. I think you bringing this to other’s attention is very commendable! Thank You to both you and Ilona!

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