Who is your authority and why?

Mine is Jacque Fresco, i wish i could meet him one day and ask few question, i believe, that his answers could change few things in my life..

(ilona pulianauskaite)

Кто ваш авторитет и почему?

Мой Жак Фреско, я хотела бы встретиться с ним однажды и задать несколько вопросов, полагаю, что его ответы могут изменить некоторые вещи в моей жизни …

(илона пулианаускайте )

Qui est votre autorité et pourquoi?

Le mien est Jacque Fresco, j’aimerais pouvoir le rencontrer un jour et poser peu de questions, je crois, que ses réponses pourraient changer peu de choses dans ma vie.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


23 thoughts on “Who is your authority and why?

  1. SMiLes my Friend my Authority
    is the Inner ‘Shaman’ Within..
    Sure.. i Read what others Write
    but i Seek And Find to Write Anew from
    Within With a ‘little Help from those Friends’ too..
    i Watch folks Dance but no one will Ever instruct
    my Inner
    How to Dance
    or Even Sing my
    Friend.. as for ‘Jacque Fresco’
    i am most impressed that he ‘Lowered’
    Himself to ‘Ninja’ Join the KKK to make Changes
    Positive Within.. it’s the Way i Look At Church too
    my Friend Change Comes Best from Within either
    At the Level of Human or the Level Now More of
    it even
    means to
    Be Human
    that and who
    Gives and Shares
    All with no exclusions
    in the way of KKK’s… THere is
    A Better Way of Life but True Utopias
    Don’t Come Without Dark as Neither does any Light..:)

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