Hostile Love second Collaboration

I had collaboration with and it was very interesting and easy to work with, please check his blog if you didn’t yet.

Love however is as corruptible as anything based in the most sincerely intending of human weaknesses, merely a slightest deviation of that best intentioned want to care for and protect someone can slither cruelly to where you never intended but with unforgivable desperation (only realised in the fatally final acts of that bitterly ending play) you find that it is harm you inflict in the name of something twistedly turning into falsely proclaiming kindness.

This is the lethal spark that totally and completely turns the betterment of your love’s life to enduring misery in every hollowing second you stay together, the rising bitterness from those cracks where you inadvertently shattered the original formula that grew such blossoming compassion, now into the strangling internment you descend which deludes those taking part in the toxically devolving relationship with resultantly damning apparitions that it is healthy to be that way.

If you don t do it for yourself do it for you childrens or your future children, because its terrible for a child to grow in an hostile environemenr where parent always fighting and arguing, it will follow them and affect them for the rest of their life.

Pursue love in all honest intention but never turn it a shade of selfish as all who walk that path only corrupt happiness, hostility tainting future love with the mark of poison and pain in ways only gods can forgive, and only if you know when to quit the damning path.


26 thoughts on “Hostile Love second Collaboration

  1. Yes, such a terrible environment can affect children their entire lives and can make them follow the same path. This hostility is never good for anyone. Constant fighting and arguing can really damage a child’s outlook on life and can leave them emotionally scarred. People in such a situation need to seek help to get out of that position. Another great post!🙂

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  2. Bon jour, mon petit chou. Quest-ce qui se passe? Est-ce que tu as trouve ce con de Vladimir “in fraganti” avec une de tes copines? Ton blog est plein d’amertume et de peine a cause d’ une grande deception. Sois forte, ma chere ami. Il ne vaut pas la peine. Un bon mec t’attends avec un bel sourire et un frais bouquet de fleurs dans un des prochain detours de ta vie. Merci pour continuer a lire et mettre un “like”dans mes blogs. Un gros bisou, A bientot!

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  3. Quand tu vas ecrire le commentaire sur le blog d’Emma, fais-le en francais car les agents literaires vont rechercher quel echo ont mes paroles dans les femmes du monde entier, pas seulelent ici au USA, Maintenant je vais commnecer a ecrire l’Epilogue. Souhaite moi une bonne chance ( merde, c’est mieux)

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  4. Love’s Pure Gaze A Dog A
    Child’s Eyes Now Yet to Be
    Stained by World Lies Ties

    Love Gone Wrong Surely applicable to a Homelife and the World In General.. Recently in the United States a Study Showed that Over 90 Percent of the ‘Dedicated Christians’ in Part Who Support ‘Our Dear Leader’ Over here Believe whatever he says even over their own Family
    Truly Love Will Also Be Blind to Both Truth and Trust if this Cultural Obscenity does not prove this nothing ever will as we are only A Heart Beat ReAlly and ‘Several more’ Away from the Fascist
    Realities of the First Part of the 20th Century
    For Love Goes Bad When Life is
    Scarcity instead of
    Who Graduates
    On Giving Sharing
    Love And the Understanding
    in Cognitive Empathy that is a Life
    Long Practice of Understanding the Differences
    in others However when Nearly Half of a Country
    Says they do not have meaningful Friendships on a Day
    to Day Basis and Nearly Half of a Country Says that they
    Have No Holy and Sacred Meaning and Purpose in what they
    do in Every Day Life and when Close to Half of the Adults in
    A Country are Addicted to some kind of Substance or Behavioral
    Addiction to Fill this Empty Space Truly increasingly our Entire
    Civilized.. so-Called Civilized Western Civilization is coming
    Increasingly Close to ‘Heart Break Hotel’ Where No Longer
    Do Humans Graduate from a School of Love and go on
    To Give and Share in Life where the Core meaning
    of Life is not Hoarding and Taking to fill a space
    within that is not Nurtured Like a Wet Nurse
    Does From Birth.. a Heart That Fills
    the Empty Shoes that are
    No Longer
    With Love
    That Gives and Shares
    For Free to See a Sweet Smile
    On any Human Being Lifting all of us Up
    instead of TeaRinG Down to Ashes of Misery
    Loves Company even More In Suffering than
    Boundless Joy in Dance And Song Will Bring
    Smiles my Friend Ms. Hugs as i’ve nicknamed you
    now.. just with an open door to a Home that welcomes
    All Passerby Folks Online Inside.. i am a Traveler of Love
    as We all are at best but sadly the World is becoming more like
    A Game of Thrones than a Life of Love Where A Dance of Holding
    Hands Around a Campfire Night of Close to Naked Humans now away
    from all the Modern Complexities of Buying Stuff that take our Soul
    Away from Light all the Hours in a Day we spend going no where no
    where at all a Slave so Far away from Love Where the Shoes of Love
    Come Empty
    from even what
    Truly Counts in Life
    There is a Lion King of
    Love and there is a Lion
    King that and who Feels
    Nothing About Love There is
    A Lion King of Love that is the ‘Scar’
    of a World Evolving Down Falling into Winter
    Days without Warmer Hearts who Spring There is
    A Game of Thrones That is Mostly Thorns and there
    is the Rose of Flowers that continues to Rise and SMiLes
    THere is Monday Morning where i No longer Work or Serve
    the God of Money There is the Courage of Love that and who
    Stop Dancing
    And Singing into
    the Eyes of Nature
    Best smiles i am GRooT sure me too..
    Just the Root of God that is Best in us
    as Love that Gives and Shares over Takes and Hoards..
    Nature at its Best Spiraling Roots And Trunks and Branches
    Leaves of Love RiSinG instead of Falling my Friend thanks
    for the inspiration of Your Blog and i give thanks to a Life
    Spent on RiSinG
    DanCinG SinGinG
    LoVE NoW inStead
    Of Falling into Bucks
    Buying Buying Working
    For Buying Buying Falling
    Deeper into the Grasp of Hell..
    SMiLes Ms. Hugs ..the “Lion
    King” Movie comes out.. On
    July 19th 2019.. the 6th Year
    Anniversary from When my all
    my Pain and Numb Went away after 66 Months of Enduring Hell…
    Nah.. i am not going to Wait to Feel/Fill the Paw Prints of that Date..:)

    Little Yellow Wild Cats Roaming Everywhere
    Now Only If We See And Hear Their Free Love

    Winks what i just wrote was/is sort of a ‘Crazy
    Ass Mix’ of a ‘Haibun/Haiku” in what ‘they’ Call Poetry
    Science.. i don’t do Science when i do Art.. i don’t do Science when
    i do Love.. i don’t do Kung Fu.. i do Fredbun.. Fred Fu And Fred Ku Ku..;)

    SMiLes.. We Need more ‘Eccentric People’ Without The Clothes
    of Modern Cultures in the World Who base their Eccentricities
    More on Hope and
    Love than Fear
    and Hate…

    So the Human
    World Will Once
    Again Revolve More (DanceSinG) Around
    Love That/Who Gives and Shares More than Takes and Hoards…:)

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  5. If people know the harm they’re doing to others by having unhealthy and hostile environment, they would have just left each other’s for good! Love is not hostile, relationships must be healthy to have healthy generations and children otherwise please stop producing!
    Good collaboration and important topic 👌

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    1. I agree, hostility doesn’t work with love and have nothing to do into it, but sadly in this world of violence and anger its present in every corner. i wish people could find more peace in their heart and stop hurting each other, spread love and goodness. Thank you for reading 🙂

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