About You

Ones, one intelligent women told me: when someone is talking behind your back, it says nothing about YOU, but tells a lot about those who are talking. Be who you are and let them be who they are.

(ilona pulianauskaite)

О вас

Так, одна умная женщина сказала мне: когда кто-то говорит за твоей спиной, он ничего не говорит о ВАС, но много говорит о тех, кто говорит. Будьте тем, кто вы есть, и пусть они будут такими, какие они есть.

(илона пулианаускайте)

Au propos de vous

Une femme intelligente, m’a dit: quand quelqu’un parle derrière votre dos, cela ne dit rien de VOUS mais parle beaucoup de ceux qui parlent. Soyez qui vous êtes et laissez-les être qui ils sont.

(ilona pulianauskaite)


41 thoughts on “About You

      1. Yes, I’m back to Blogging 🌸✨📍 So many things to tell you in the middle of time that happened will text up on Instagram.. looking forward for Blogs of everyone here that I’ve missed 🌸✨📍🤗

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  1. Very true words here! We should never worry about those talking behind our backs. Always be YOU, that is the best thing for sure, sound advice for everyone! Beautiful picture of you again!😃🌞🌴

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  2. Hey, hey, you must have worn yourself out today! Too many posts and time in the sun, keeping busy and having fun. Lots of great new pics, probably sitting there eating ice cream again!😂😹🌴Say Hi to Leya from Muffin.

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  3. Spot on words. I experience at my job daily. There is one person who likes to talk rude about kind people and try to make them feel bad about themselves just to make herself seem better than everyone else.

    Instead of focusing on her negativity, I put all of my focus on myself and ignore her.

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  4. I like to thank the fact that I get silence behind my back, a slight growl every now and again maintains others lack of vocalisation
    Not in any way social I confess but…
    Was really hoping to make that sound less damning!!

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